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How Will Upcoming Major Astrological Events Affect Your Life?

How Will Upcoming Major Astrological Events Affect Your Life?

As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus said, “change is the only constant.” And when it comes to the changes happening in our lives, there are very few causes that are as important and unmissable as major astrological events. The planets transiting from one zodiac sign to the other interact not only with that zodiac sign but also affect all the 12 zodiac signs.

But how and why? Vedic astrology has all the answers to understand these planetary movements and the changes they bring to your life. When a planet enters a sign, your birth chart, which is made of the planetary positions at the time of your birth, also gets affected. How these planets in your chart interact with the transiting planet can tell you a lot about your times ahead!

2022 promises to be a year full of those transits and changes, challenges, and cheerful times that these transits bring. March and April are especially full of cosmic movements to look out for. Here is the complete rundown:

Major Astrological Events Timeline

Venus Saturn Conjunction – March 28

Venus is the planet of everything related to glamour and luxury; on the other hand, Saturn is considered the planet of Karma. The planet is a strict teacher determined to bring your life on the right track, by hook or by crook. For your betterment, Saturn may even bring you some hardships. But hey, the ones who are forged by the fire are the strongest when they come out of it! So, will this close conjunction of Venus and Saturn bring a life of luxury or some hardships for your betterment? Find out now by consulting our experts for personalised predictions.

Mars Saturn Conjunction – April 5

Just after the week of Venus Saturn’s close conjunction, another major conjunction will take place on April 5, 2022! This time, Mars will join Saturn. Mars is considered a fierce, aggressive planet with confrontation as its strong suit. Saturn, as mentioned before, is the planet of Karma and Justice. It also represents our virtues and ethics. When they stand side by side with each other in the sign of Aquarius, it is going to be interesting, to say the least.

You can read more about the Mars Saturn Conjunction and their Stellium with Mercury and Venus here.

Major Astrological Event: Rahu – Ketu Transit – April 12

After two conjunctions of Saturn with Mars and Venus, it is time for the most feared nodes of the moon: Rahu and Ketu. Rahu will transit to Aries and Ketu will transit to Libra. Also called shadow planets, these are said to bring many hardships to a person’s life. However, that is not always true. With the right placement, these planets support the individuals, too. And if you are still worried about Rahu – Ketu’s major transit from April 12, you can get a Free Rahu Ketu Transit Report.

Jupiter Transit in Pisces – April 13

The teacher of all the planets, the largest of them all, is Jupiter. It is the planet of growth, expansion, wisdom, and teachings. It is also a planet related to foreign travel and education. Jupiter mostly brings good news with its transit, but at times, it can also make you egoistic and lazy when it occurs in the wrong house. It would be interesting to see what this one brings to your life. Read More about Jupiter Transit in Pisces here.

Saturn Transit in Aquarius – April 29

After Saturn’s conjunction with Venus and Mars, the lord of the rings will move to the air Sign, Aquarius. In Vedic astrology, Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn. Therefore, we can say Saturn will be moving in its own sign, and the impact of this Saturn transit is surely going to be intense. Once again, based on your sign, they can be beneficial or challenging for you. Saturn will stay in Aquarius for a long, long time, and because of that, its effects can be long-lasting as well!

Venus Jupiter Conjunction – April 30

Now, we have discussed both these planets above among the other major astrological events this year. But how will these two behave when they share a sign? Venus and Jupiter are both beneficial planets, but depending on which house of your sign this conjunction will take place, it can bring good or not-so-good things to your life. No matter what, though, our team of learned astrologers are here to guide you through all the unknown and testing times. So, stay tuned! You can read more about Venus Jupiter Conjunction here.