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Let’s play Dress Up with various Zodiac Signs…

Let’s play  Dress Up with various Zodiac Signs…

How do various Zodiac Signs dress to impress?

Love to dress up? Find what makes various Zodiac Signs different from each other, when it comes to their love and preferences for dressing up!

Whatever Aries throws together at the last minute ends up looking great. The fashion-forward Ram has that special gift when it comes to dressing up or looking good. Whether it’s a jacket they picked up at the flea market or a hat they decided to put on at the last minute, they’ve always got that dash of pizzazz. Plus, their confidence and attitude more than make up for any lack of sartorial bit.

Most Taurus take their time to figure out just what they’re going to wear to a special occasion, or even on a daily basis. Good thing is that they are sorted and organised lot, and that is why they usually find the chosen (or mulled over) dress/ accessory easily. The Bulls love to look nice, and with their natural good taste, expensive (tasteful) clothes and careful planning, they often hit the nail.

Stripes or polka dots? Plaid or paisley? Pink or blue? Like all other areas of their lives, Gemini just can’t decide even when it comes to dressing to kill. Rather than being late for work, the Twins might just go ahead and put it all on, stripes, polka dots, plaid and paisley too. But, good thing is that the kooky, quirky Gemini always manages to pull it off!

Most Cancers dress according to their mood – blue for sad, red for happy, aquamarine for thoughtful. Orange could be hopeful, and they might have a very special pink tie that means (to them) ‘talk to me.’ While Cancer always know what they’re trying to project, they should keep in mind that not everybody can interpret their colour-coding, personal-preferences-coded systems. Maybe, they can go a little feisty, every once in a while.

Leo likes their colours bright, their hues deep, their fabrics unfaded and jewel-toned and their overall look elegant and smooth. The Lions, in short, are not afraid to make a statement with their wardrobe, but they can be pretty picky about just what statement they make, and how. And Leo might, on occasion, be tempted to tell someone they want to impress just what brand their shirt or oomph bag is. Roar!

Virgo patch their sweaters at the first sign of a hole. Same goes for their jeans, jackets and shirts. They meticulously mend their hems and replace their buttons. The Virgin also pays attention to cleanliness and makes sure colours in their dress don’t clash. So, that’s why they always look so put-together! All in all, when it comes to creating a nicely put together look, you know whom to trust.

Libra never wears too much or too little! Whether it’s rain or shine outside, the Scales are always prepared – not one wool sweater too many, or two flip-flops too few. Oh, and they manage to appear pretty natty, while they’re at it. Libra love getting attention for their good looks or attractive styles, and given their natural charm, it isn’t usually a big deal. s

It doesn’t really matter what Scorpio wears — people are going to find them attractive, and they know it – well, they are confident to the tee. If a Scorpion shows up at a party wearing a lampshade, at lunch sporting a tea towel, or at work with holes in their trousers, people would rarely blink – or even if they do, they will not dare to say/ show. Why? One, because the sexy Scorpio doesn’t have to dress well to look good – it’s all in the attitude. And, two – people won’t risk offending the Scorp.

When it comes to fashion, Sagittarius is often too busy to be bothered. The Archer wants what they wear to work well under all kinds of conditions, from Alpine hikes to Amazonian river rafting. Good thing is that the Archer has such a natural knack for throwing together functional get-ups, which may also look pretty hot. Most Sagittarius are friendly beings, and people may anyway want them (and not their dressing styles) to light up their parties.

Capricorn likes cashmere. Capricorn prefers 100 per cent cotton. He won’t want any darned synthetics! Truth is, in an ideal world, the Capricorn will rarely settle for anything less than 100% original, classy and practical. Well, that’s a difficult combo to achieve always – but not with the insistent Cappy. The Goat is a little finicky, sure, but they always come out looking amazingly classy, even if understated!

When it comes to getting dressed, Aquarius would rather be wearing jeans. If the Water Bearer does have to get dressed up, they would always keep it toned down or would not spend much time deciding. And as soon as they get home, they kick off their dress shoes and pull on the old sweats.

Many a Pisces has a weakness for shoes. The Fish can’t ever have enough: fancy, casual, patent leather, red, blue, furry or feathered, feet dressing is always the foremost on the Fish’s fashion list. Once their footwear is taken care of, the Fish let their whims dictate the rest – and the overall look is certainly not bad.

Next time you dress up to impress someone, keep in mind the tips and suggestions mentioned here. Also, know your own personality and bring out the best in you to strike a lasting impression on others, especially your date. Know Your Romantic Personality and to woo the special someone

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