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Method For Wearing Cat’s Eye Stone

Cat’s Eye is an intriguing gemstone that is distinct and is marked for having metaphysical powers and other astonishing properties. In Vedic astrology, Cat’s Eye is known as Lehsunia, which signifies the South Node of the Moon or the Ketu planet. It is also known as ‘Chhaya Graha’. The stone has intense planetary energies which instantly benefits its wearer.

Gemstone Cat’s Eye, Lehsunia or Vaidurya
Mineral Chrysoberyl
Hardness Approx 8.5 ( MOHs Scale)
Visibility Opaque
Planet Ketu
Place of Origin Brazil, Burma, China and Sri Lanka
Color Greenish, Brownish, Yellowish or Colorless shades
Gravity or Density 3.71 – 3.72

Usually, gemstones are worn under astrological guidelines. It is necessary to follow Vedic rituals or procedures that need to be adhered to, for optimized benefits. To add further information about the Cat’s Eye stone or Lehsunia Stone, it should be studded in a ring or a pendant molded from Silver, White Gold, Platinum, or Panchdhatu metal. The Middle finger of the right hand is best suited to enhance the power of planet Ketu. A Tuesday morning of the auspicious Shukla Paksha tithi should be observed to adorn Cat’s Eye stone or Lehsunia Stone, as is suggested by our experts.

Cat’s Eye is associated with the vengeful Ketu planet, which represents the South Node of the Moon. Hence, the stone needs to be worn as per proper rituals and guidance suggested by proficient astrologers. You can follow the right procedure of wearing Cat’s Eye by consulting our Vedic scholars.

Generally, it is expected from the wearer to adorn this gemstone either on a Tuesday or Thursday. The ideal weight of the stone should be between 3 to 7 rattis or carats. The preferred metal to stud Cat’s Eye is Silver, Platinum, White Gold, or Panchdhatu. Before wearing it in the Middle finger of the working hand, the stone should be immersed in a bowl filled with Panchamrut mainly consisting of curds, raw cow milk, ghee, honey, and Gangajal. After cleansing it again with water, the stone must be worshipped with flowers, vermillion, dhoop, and incense sticks to invoke special blessings from deities.

As mentioned earlier, Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia can be worn either on a Tuesday or Thursday morning of the Purnima tithi, after performing religious rituals to empower the wearer with the positivity of the stone. A simple way to purify and activate it, is to visit a temple. This can also be done by praying and meditating in one’s house temple. It is necessary to follow these rules on the wearing day because, in some cases, Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia may give ill effects if the stone is cracked, broken, has a dull finish, or is worn without consultation or a thorough examination of horoscope by an astrologer. Therefore, a native needs to stay extra cautious before wearing Lehsunia, as it may produce some bad effects, which can be quite harmful.

After Cat’s Eye gemstone is molded and ready to be worn, it should be sanctified and attuned as per Holy rituals. Cleansing helps to cast away negativities contained within the stone, and attuning enhances the power of the planet to which the gemstone is associated. Ketu is the significator of Cat’s Eye, and therefore, the mantra given below should be chanted 108 times:
“Om Pram Preem Sah Ketave Namah”
“ऊॅ प्रम प्रीम साह केतवे नमः”

While it is imperative to know the exact procedure of wearing Cat’s Eye, it is equally important to identify a genuine and high-quality Cat’s Eye stone from a group of fake or imitated gemstones in the market.

Cat’s Eye stone or Lehsunia Stone is very powerful and gets instantly activated the moment an individual wears it. It is advisable to wear the stone in the Middle finger of the right or working hand. However, people who are left-hand workers can also wear it in the middle finger of the left hand. The Cat’s Eye studded in Silver or Panchdhatu ring should weigh between 3 to 7 carats and molded with a back portion opening for powerful rays to generate from the finger to all parts of the body. Besides, always invest in Certified Lab-Tested gemstones and never settle for Fake or Imitated gemstones that may draw dreadful results in your life.

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