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How to mend broken friendship as per astrology

How to mend broken friendship as per astrology

Friends fight frequently. Usually, disagreements between two are silly and easy to move beyond, but sometimes it can erupt into major fights. Someone has to take the initiative to repair the relationship break up. No one can always agree, no matter how compatible you are. Even if you have just a single friend, chances are you have had a huge fight at least once. But how you react to the fight depends on astrology.

Friendship is a relationship, and you have to put in the effort to make it work. Dealing with a huge fight and making up with each other is important in terms of your friendship.

You believe it or not, but handling the aftermath of a fight with a friend depends on your zodiac sign. So let’s see how to deal with having a huge fight with a friend based on your zodiac sign.

Ask our astrologers to know your friendship compatibility and signs of a true friend.

Aries tend to jump from one thing to another, always looking for something new. Aries isn’t one to back down after a fight. Confident Aries knows who was wrong, but won’t be the first to say sorry. Mars rules Aries, so that Mars will be important in your chart.

Tips to make up:
Aries people need to control the Martian anger and ego. It is necessary to be more patient and understanding since they are very reactive and stinging. Ganesha suggests Aries finish what they have started before moving on.

Taurus is one of the most stubborn signs in the zodiac. Earth signs stand their ground and are difficult to say sorry. Venus rules Taurus so Venus will be important in their chart. Taurus people can have a bull-like temperament and like to harp on the same string.

Tips to make up:
Try to be less rigid in all you do. Tame any jealousy and instinct to possessiveness. You hate and fear sickness and pain. You need to learn how to be flexible.

Gemini tends to go wide — for breadth, not depth. They may appear confident but can lack self-confidence and inner sureness. Gemini people love to talk. Mercury rules Gemini so Mercury will be important in the chart.

Tips to make up:
Garrulous nature with a lack of control on words may mar your image; hence, you need to control your chatter-box or loquacious nature.

Once Cancerians have latched onto something or someone, they do not tend to let go easily. They respond to life through feeling, not thinking. Their moods go up and down just like the tides. The Moon rules Cancer so the Moon will be important in the chart. Cancerians get hurt easily plus they will be vindictive.

Tips to make up:
Ganesha suggests Cancerians be accommodative and be less emotional when dealing with friendship or relationship-related matter.

Leos, need for love and affection is very great, and they need to feel appreciated. If frustrated, they lose their desire for living. The Sun rules Leo so the Sun will be important in the chart. As a confident and dominant fire sign, Leos are a bit arrogant when it comes to fights with friends.

Tips to make up:
Leos while dealing with friendship related matter need to be understanding and docile.

Virgo tends to look younger than they are, no matter, what their age is. They are very restless and nervous. At times they can be very indecisive and unsure. Mercury rules Virgo so Mercury will be important in the chart. Virgo tends to weigh around and show restlessness at the slightest pretext.

Tips to make up:
Virgo people need to develop their listening power. Try to be more communicative to make the friendship vibrant and more unflappable.

Libra tends to attract whatever it is that you need without any real effort on your part. Venus rules Libra so Venus will be important in their chart. They have a withdrawn nature and may be averse to take equal onuses in a friendship. Libras enjoy harmony and, fighting disrupts that perfect harmony.

Tips to make up:
Therefore you need to be decisive and inclined to share weal and woes of others. You should avoid showing stoic attitude.

Scorpions can be a devil or an angel, the eagle or the stinging scorpion. Mars rules Scorpio, so that Mars will be important in the chart. The temperament of Scorpions can be very rough, nasty and unforgiving; hence, such things will be the main barrier in developing long-term friendship and in a relationship you will be very staunch and orthodox.

Tips to make up:
They should avoid jumping into conclusion on friendship related matter and adopt more progressive views. They need to learn how to forgive friends and others.

Sagittarius may promise much and deliver less. They can rise to the heights or sink to the depths. Jupiter rules Sagittarius so Jupiter will be important in the chart. Sagittarians are not afraid to tell it how it is or cross the line with humour.

Tips to make up:
Sagittarius has a strong and suppressive ego which gives them false notion plus they tend to give vent to anger to others; hence they need to restraint such trait within them.

Perhaps they suffer from feelings of inadequacy. Capricorn overcomes these feelings through sheer necessity, for they have determination in achieving their goals and purposes in life. Saturn rules Capricorn, so Saturn will play a vital role in their life.

Tips to make up:
Their aloof and phlegmatic nature may create frustration for others. Capricorns need to broaden their horizon and feel more optimistic as they tend to nurture pessimistic feelings.

There is a certain detachment about Aquarius. They cannot stand possessiveness and jealousy and require plenty of freedom. Saturn rules Aquarius so Saturn will be important in their chart.

Tips to make up:
Aquarius are indifferent mundane affairs and can certainly beat about the bush. Therefore, they need to spread more warmth to others and embrace others’ views and opinions.

Pisces are very likeable but need to learn how to be more practical and down-to-earth and how to concentrate their energies. They must serve others in this life but must learn not to be taken advantage of or fall for everyone’s sob story. Jupiter rules Pisces so Jupiter will be important in the chart.

Tips to make up:
Pisces may possess a bloated ego and a false notion about yourself. Plus they like to conceal their feelings. The vested interest may not allow Pisces to be flexible in friendship. They need to allow relationship/friendship to blossom.

There are various ways to address the core issues in friendship and mend the friendship with friends. So this friendship day is accommodative, have the patience of hearing and listening, Make ego a taboo, have a solid understanding, know each other’s psyche well and say SORRY. Just go back to a peaceful, happy friendship like before the fight.

Happy Friendship Day 🙂

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