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How Sun affects your career and profession- Anand Sagar Pathak explains

The Sun is the king of the planets. In a Kundli too, it will have an equal significance. If the Sun is strong in a Horoscope, it will give the native an elevated status in his area of activity. The person will become well known, renowned and famous – just like the Sun, which spreads its light far and wide. Would you like to know your today horoscope? – Visit Here

When this strong Sun is connected to the 10th House or its Lord, it would make the native – a king, a minister, or a big officer in the Government sector. Since the Sun is the King of Planets, in real life too, it represents Governance. Same results when it is related to the 11th House or the 11th House Lord.

If the Sun is connected to the 4th House (whenever, I say connected to any House, it means placement in the House in the Horoscope or by associations with its Lord or in any other possible way), then the native will make big house and huge mansions. If the Lagnesh (ascendant/ First Hous Lord) is strong, then the native will make these mansions for himself, or else would be a real estate contractor.

The Sun is a ball of fire, and Mars and Ketu too are Agnikaaraka. If the Sun is connected to Mars in a person’s Horoscope, then the native may have activities connected to making of guns, explosives etc. This happens as Mars is Bhoomikaraka, and the ingredients used to make dynamite comes from the Bhoomi (Land). If the Sun, Ketu and Mars are all connected, then native may be in a profession related to electricity, power supplies etc. Are you unhappy with the progress in your job? Get your job change prediction by date of birth and start getting positive results.

The Sun is known as the “JagatPita” in the Vedas. So, when the Sun has associations with the 10th House Lord or the 10th House, the native may work with his father, or else take over and handle his father’s business.

If the Sun is related to Saturn and Rahu, then native can become a Vaid (Chikitsak-Ayurvedic Doctor). If the Sun is related to the Moon, then native may make particular type of sugary drinks – related to herbs and fruits.

The Sun is a Sattvic planet, therefore its association with the 9th House and Jupiter may make a native a priest in some religious organisation, a religious Guru, a Dharmacharya or a Mathadheesh.

One characteristic of the Sun is to dry things out – or “make dry”. So, a native with Sun’s associations to Mercury and the 4th House may deal in dry herbs, wood, timber, dry fruits.

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