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How much respect do you give to the ‘Departed Souls’?

How much respect do you give to the ‘Departed Souls’?

How much respect do you give to the `Departed Souls’?

Our existence in this world is due to our forefathers. At present, we enjoy the good life, a respected position in society and family. It is because of our ancestors that we can breathe freely under the sky. Therefore, it is our duty to express our gratitude to them. In Hindu religion, Shradh is one of the prime duties of every person. It is also a way we should inspire our younger generation to give deference to the departed souls. Our forefathers give us the best generation and the best wealth.

The dark fortnight of Bhadrapad is Shradh or Mahalay. Normally, this dark fortnight falls during the September every year. This year Shradh has started from September 27, 2007 and it will end on September 11, 2007.

Performing rituals during Shradh requires special care. The date on which our forefathers were passed away, is reckoned to offer Shradh in present. If the date on which our Pitru (forefathers) expired is not available, then Shradh rituals can be performed on the darkest night (Amas) of the Bhadrapad month. Generally Shradh rituals are done by elder son in the family.

Now, let us look into the fact how much respect people of each sun sign render to their forefathers – the departed souls.

All Sun Signs do not worship those who are in heavenly abode. Some keep their pictures on the wall for the `show off’ some even don’t keep the picture, hold respect in the heart. Some just don’t care about those who have left the world and believe that it’s all about `existentialism’.

Well well, Ganesha feels that everything depends on the basic characteristics of Sun Signs.

Arians would be the first one to hang pictures of departed souls on the wall immediately after the sad demise. As the time progresses, you may find these photographs shifting from drawing room to some other room and finally very selected photographs may remain as `demo pieces’ and the rest will be wrapped and packed well in safe boxes. In short, they hold respect in the heart but may not be able to display it for a very long time.

Bulls respect their family and all the departed souls very much. They would not mind remembering them by placing pictures on the wall, by performing Shradh and related religious rites. They may donate something – either food or money – to the needy and express their gratitude towards Ancestors. They love their family members to the extent that to keep their memories alive, they may also build a Memorial! Know more about Taurus.

This sign is widely known as `Twins’ and psychological trait of the sign is that they are often perplexed about various matters. However, when it comes to remembering their ancestors, they would surely express their respect towards them but most comfortable way they can do it is they might build a webpage displaying family tree, brief information about all the individuals and how great they were etc. Another way they can do it is they might send emails to everyone saying that it’s 5th or 10th death anniversary of XYZ relative who was so great and mighty. In short, they can spread the memories of departed souls very intelligently.

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Cancerians would always love to call everyone for lunch or dinner on the death anniversary of departed soul. They may also have the corners of their eyes moist while remembering those who have left this world. This is not enough; there is a lot more about Cancerians. Don’t be surprised if a Cancerian calls you up and invites you for lunch or dinner in the memory of `Elvis Presley’ or Marline Monroe and play Bob Hop song `Thanks for the memory’.

Royal Leos may use the blank wall of the house to display their ancestors; difference between Arians and Leonians is that the latter will not shift those pictures from their original position unless they have a much better option. On the other hand, if they have space, they might develop a separate room for the same. There is always a room where they have more space to hang more pictures. They will give due respect to departed souls but may not be interested in religious rites like Shradh and all, unless they really know why it is necessary. Once they are convinced, they will be fine with doing such processions.

Virgos may have totally practical stand and views for everything. They cannot be forced to do anything specific so if someone tries to dump particular religious rite like Shradh on them, they would not accept at all. However, they can be pragmatic enough to display their gratitude towards departed soul by arranging a `Katha’ or even by doing something that makes other realise that how much they care for ancestors. They will take these things very objectively and just as part of life.

Librans would be ready to do anything and everything to make others feel much better. In other words, they would neither have any issue in performing Pooja or Shradh nor will have any objection over something outright different from traditional practice and try fancy way of looking at those who have been part of their life directly or indirectly. If they have money and time, they might arrange `Ek Shaam Rafi Ke Naam’.

Scorpions have very high regards for their ancestors. They cannot listen to anything about the departed souls of their family. Moreover, they will perform all religious rites like Shradh very sincerely. They carry lot of pride about where they hail from and whoever they have been related or connected with. Their prime concern would be to remain in perfect balance with their past.

Sagittarians would be ready to perform religious rites like Shradh readily provided their schedule and freedom are not disturbed. They look at it from more spiritual or philosophical angle. Every Sagittarian may look at it from different perspective but idea is to give due respect to all great souls who have completed their journey on this earth and to provide with peace and satisfaction to the soul who is enjoying enlightenment in the heavens.

Capricorneans are sincere enough towards their Ancestors as they respect them very much. They would not anytime disregard the need of performing Pooja Vidhi or anything that is to be done in the memory of the departed soul as they know that respect to those who have lived greatly on the earth will in return provide them with bliss which can lead them to success. Ganesha agrees that they would earnestly do such Pooja Vidhis.

Aquarians being very forward by nature can often be orthodox and conventional when it comes to the memory of departed soul. They carry great pride for how and what their ancestors were. They would happily perform Shradh or any required Pooja Vidhis in order to keep the memory of ancestors and departed souls alive. Like Cancerians, they carry great respect for intellectual and knowledgeable masters so you may see the photographs of `Ancestors and Intellectuals’ in or around their personal area.

Sentimental Fishes would also love to do something for departed souls. They can invite guests at home just like Cancerians but by nature they love to sacrifice. They can leave bad habits in the memory of departed souls or may go out of their way and dedicate something to the departed soul for e.g. even if they may not have enough money on hand, they may borrow money from bank or friends, and donate something to the old age home. In short, they not only love and respect departed souls but also go beyond their means to do something for them once they are determined. Know more about Pisces.

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