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How kids of different sun sign celebrate the children’s day or Nehru’s birthday

How kids of different sun sign celebrate the children’s day or Nehru’s birthday

Children are the future of every country. In India, we celebrate Children’s Day on 14th November every year. It is also the birthday of our first Prime Minister- Shri Jawaharlal Nehru. He loved children who used to call him Chacha Nehru. Children all over India celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and zeal. Ganesha explores the ways in which children of different sun signs celebrate this day.

People born under this Sun sign are ruled by Mars. Arenas are always Natural born leaders, outspoken, alert, and quick to act and speak. They are highly ambitious with lots of drive and a strong will power. As this is Movable sign they will celebrate children day by dancing.

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Taureans are practical and conventional. In any celebration or festival they will make impression around crowd. They are very fond of fun, music and dance. Taurean wears fancy dress and also uses make up. Enjoyment is the key of celebration.

Geminians are ruled by Mercury, so they are very reasonable. They like places full of people and love having fun with debate thus they always attract people by discussions and talking. They are also optimistic. Because of that what they will do will be perfect.

Moon rules the Cancereans. They are very punctual and are first to receive their friends on ground. They will enjoy all the festivals pleasantly. As Cancer is water sign, they will organise watery game.

Kids born under this Sun sign are ruled by Sun. They are eager to show different kind of things. They are Ambitious and courageous also they are independent and self-confident. They will try to attract all the crowds.

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Virgos are ruled by Mercury. Perfection is the key word for them hence they wear perfect and suitable dress as per the occasion. In this day, they will have perfect dressing.

Venus rules the Librans. It’s a movable sign and therefore Librans always prepare themselves before playing any game because of that they perform very well. Librans are shy and always away from vulgar and offensive behaviour.

Scorpions are under the influence of Mars. They are self contained and self centered and also self-concentrated. In any celebration or festival they are always alert for what others are thinking about him/her.

Sagittarians are influenced by Jupiter. They are positive thinkers- in any competition; they will continuously think that who will win. They are full of energy and vitality. And their minds are continually searching for new experiences. In festival they will prefer travelling and will enjoy travel.

Capricorneans are ruled by Saturn. They have excellent concentration; they are resourceful, practical and also very careful. Capricorneans are highly organized hence they will participate while organising.

Aquarians are governed by Saturn. They are shy and sensitive and are usually intelligent, cool, clear, logical people. They like to do new something different from other. Thus they will try to make celebration different from other.

Pisceans are ruled by Jupiter. Normally they are in cheerful mood and they like to celebrate festival. They are not practical but they are sensitive. They have good understanding power. As this is a dual sign, they will use many kinds of tricks of celebration.

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