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How February 2008 opens up for you?

How February 2008 opens up for you?

February 2008 is going to bring many upheavals in politics across the world and the year may also see radical changes in life of many celebrities. Transiting Venus through Capricorn and Aquarius in the later part of the month may bring in many positive or negative changes in your love life, depending on your horoscope. Sun and Rahu – the North Node – a strong malefic planet are together in Aquarius, and this conjunction may also bring deep-seated changes in the life of the leading lights of world.

February 2008 is the time to handle things with utmost care for some Sun signs to maintain perfect harmony between personal and professional life. If this month is not handled with due care and caution, things may take a wrong turn and you may find yourself in a very tricky situation. Mars, the planet of vigour and energy, is passing through last degrees of Air Sign Gemini. What happens when ‘Fire’ is supported by the Air? Nature’s rule says that ‘Air proves to be catalyst to the fire’. What if you have no idea about this and entire life is changed in a day, week or month?

To put it in a nutshell, February 2008 is going to be the month of ‘changes’ and ‘unexpected events’. All in all, authority, power and love are under the spotlight during February 2008. This depends on your Sun Sign and Ascendant. Knotty question is whether or no you are lucky enough to come across positive changes in life.

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