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Hit the nail squarely on the head again; to score a hattrick!

Hit the nail squarely on the head again; to score a hattrick!

Immediately after the nation wide stir for the Jan Lokpal Bill spearheaded by by Anna Hazare and group ‘India Against Corruption’, Ganesha had foretold the fate of the bill on his blog on the 28 of April 2011. His prediction was, “Rahu sub-period will remain in force till 28th September 2011. Rahu’s placement in the Ascendant of India’s country chart and in the star of Sun will continue to expose the government and influential politicians. They will try subterfuge to defuse the people?s movement against corruption from gathering storm. Saturn transiting through Virgo will not allow major constitutional changes till mid November 2011, indicating that it will not be easy for Anna Hazare and his team. The whole process may have to face many a road blocks and sure-shot constitutional challenges.” You can refer to the enitre prediction and the article thereof on ./Will_the_Lokpal_movement_breach_the_banks_or_turn_to_a_trickle_Ganesha_finds_out__3173.action

and here is the outcome:
‘Four months of a sweltering campaign finally led the government to introduce the Lokpal Bill on Thursday in the Lok Sabha. However, unhappy with the government draft, Anna Hazare and his supporters immediately hit the streets and set fire to the government bill as a symbolic gesture saying that the government has made a mockery of the Lokpal bill by tabling their so called people friendly draft. The version of the bill is not acceptable as they have kept the hierarchies of the administration out of the bill. They opine that the government version of the bill can never check corruption in the country and will rather end up protecting it. They felt that the exclusion of the Prime Minister from the anti-corruption ombudsman’s ambit is an insult to the Jan Lokpal bill.’

How uncannily true was he! Kudos to astrology and Ganesha.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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