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Trouble with your kid’s homework? Take cues from their Sun Sign!

Trouble with your kid’s homework? Take cues from their Sun Sign!

The ever-growing size of backpacks that students carry to school is a sure sign of increasing academic pressure. The stress gets multiplied by the frequent class tests and term exams, and the pressure to get good marks in the face of cut-throat competition. Often, at a later stage, the difference between a student who gets admission to a prestigious institution and the one who doesn’t is just a fraction of a mark. The modern student, then, is surrounded by pressure and, in many cases, deprived of the opportunity of leading a full and healthy childhood, which is very important for his/her healthy development into a psychologically sound adulthood. The least that you can do as a parent is to help your child reduce his/her homework pressure, and you can do it better if you follow simple tips based on their sun-sign.

The Ram is adventurous, courageous and always wants to be first. With this kind of self-motivation that your child has, you really don’t have to do much except imbue them with a sense of challenge. Perhaps you could promise them a gadget they covet if they come out with flying colours.

The Bull is down-to-earth and obedient as a child, but s/he can be extremely indolent, and will come up with ingenious excuses to avoid doing homework. You just have to poke their pragmatism and make them see that doing homework timely is in their best interests.

The Twins are witty and have a great sense of humour, but lack focus and a sense of purpose. All you have to do as a parent is to make doing homework a fun activity for them. For it, though, you may have to sit with them and crack a joke of two while they study.

The Crab is intelligent, imaginative and can come up with out-of-the-box ideas, but tends to be pessimistic – low marks in one class test and they can go into depression. Convince them that working hard on their homework can do wonders for their exam results.

The Lions are energetic, positive and frank, but can get bogged down by their cussedness, impatience and domineering natures. Once you motivate them to do their homework religiously, and perhaps promise to throw in a reward later, then you may rest easy.

Meticulous, analytical and modest, the Virgin can sometimes be extremely fussy about doing – or not doing – things their way. When they do their homework, they will do it perfectly, or they will come up with myriad excuses not to do it. Teach them that consistency pays in the long run.

The Scales are balanced, diplomatic and will stand by their values. However, they are also very detached and impressionable, and can get swayed by what you say, which makes it that much more easier for you to impress upon them the importance of doing their homework sincerely.

The Scorpions are ambitious, determined and fearless, but on the other hand they can be very secretive and of a controlling disposition, so you will have to be very tactful and diplomatic while trying to persuade them to do their homework sincerely. Try the carrot and stick policy.

The Archers are optimistic, philosophical and generous, but they are likely to become restless and lack focus while doing their homework. What they probably need is peer company to instil confidence in them, so call over a classmate so they can do their homework together.

The Goats are very disciplined, patient and cautious, so you are unlikely to have any trouble getting them to do their homework. However, they can be moody sometimes, and these are the times you will have to really coax and pamper them to make them complete their homework.

The Water Carriers can be a bit eccentric and unpredictable, and may need constant motivation to complete their homework. If your child is born under this sign, you have your task cut out, but given proper intellectual stimulation, you can get them to toe your line.

Though they have a strong sense of responsibility and are very helpful in nature, when it come to their own homework, the Fish can be somewhat evasive. Make them realise the importance of doing their homework, then give them their space, and all will be well.

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