Magic, Mystery, Illusion and Tricks – Houdini is a perfect example of the ‘Rahu Personality’!

Magic, Mystery, Illusion and Tricks – Houdini is a perfect example of the ‘Rahu Personality’!

Harry Houdini is considered to be one of the best magicians and illusionists of all-time. He was a Hungarian-American illusionist, stunt-performer, escapologist, actor, historian, film-producer and pilot! Most famous for his daring escapes and mind-blowing tricks, he makes for one of the most interesting and intriguing personalities, especially in the field of magic and mystery! He won the awe and amazement of thousands of people all over the world and he achieved phenomenal popularity and prominence for his famous tricks like challenging the police to keep him locked in handcuffs, straitjackets under water, having to escape from and hold his breath inside a milk can. There a lot of things, which cannot be entirely summed up in words and this man’s brilliance makes people believe that a man can do anything, and that nothing is impossible in this world! Ganesha analyses the Magic heavyweight’s Natal Chart in detail and explains what astrological factors bestowed such skills and talents on him! Read on…

Harry Houdini
Birth Date: 24 March, 1874
Time of Birth: 4:00 AM
Place of Birth: Budapest, Hungary



Some Noteworthy Astrological Highlights

  • Houdini was born with Saturn in Capricorn Ascendant.
  • Mercury Venus conjunction creates a very potent Raja Yoga and Mercury’s debilitation gets cancelled due to it’s placement along with an exalted Venus. This also results into another powerful Raja Yoga – Neech Bhang Raja Yoga.
  • Moon, lord of the 7th House, is posited in its friendly sign, Gemini in the 6th House.
  • Sun – the Lord of the 8th House of mystery, is posited in the 3rd House. One remarkable aspect to be noted here is that the 3rd House of skill, tricks, skill with the hands, speed, technique and hobbies is very strongly augmented and emphasised owing to the presence of 3 planets, out of which, 2 are Raja Yoga creating planets. Also, the aspect of Jupiter on this 3rd House, which happens to be its own House further catalyses the collective power of this House.
  • Moreover, there is a very strong connection between the lords of the 8th House, 12th House, 3rd House and 5th House in the Horoscope, which clearly explains the calibre and wizardry of the phenomenal man! All the aforesaid Houses and their Lords are the the important factors which have to be taken into consideration while analysing the Chart of a magician and Ganesha says that this inter-relationship in the Natal Chart of Houdini is one of the best one can ever find!
  • Now coming to a very important point, Ganesha observes that there is a Rahu-Neptune conjunction in his Chart which gave him the inherent interest and passion for magic and illusion and even blessed him to shine as an illusionist and magician. Conjunction of Mars with Rahu and Neptune gave him great zeal to take initiatives in the field of magic and to experiment with the most unique and strange areas. This also gave him the courage and skills to deal with the intricacies that this subject demands. He combined trick/illusion (Neptune and Rahu) well with the energy/vigor/vitality i.e. Mars. This is of the pivotal points of the Horoscope of Harry Houdini, says Ganesha.
  • Ketu in the 10th House of profession wonderfully reflected the power generated by the planets in the 4th House and ensured that he excelled in the field related to mystery and illusion.
  • Saturn in Capricorn in the Ascendant endowed him with great patience and perseverence and also the ability to work hard. Who doesn’t know that mastering one magic trick takes years? If we look at the kind of risks Houdini has taken in his life, we can imagine how much effort he must have put in, behind mastering those escape tricks! Ganesha attributes all these qualities to the well-placed Saturn in his Chart!
  • Exalted Venus in his Chart made him a very good entertainer. By the virtue of exalted Venus, Houdini got to work in the films too, as an actor.
  • The swagruhi Mars provided him with due courage and confidence to execute and pull off such risky, daring and dangerous acts in open and in front many people by giving open challenges to all. It requires a braveheart to perform such acts! One more thing that has to be noted is that Rahu’s conjunction with a Kendra Lord in a Kendra-sthana creates a powerful Raja Yoga and paves the way for Houdini to achieve great success. Rahu attaining such power and status is favourable as it would support and promote the qualities that are required for a magician to shine!
  • Mars’ conjunction with Rahu has empowered the intrinsic quality of Rahu, that is of learning tricks and illusion tactics to a great level. Rahu has also developed his cleverness of hypnotizing the masses.
  • Jupiter, the significator of spiritualism and other philosophical matters, being placed in the 9th House provided him the mastery in his profession and also blessed him with the wisdom to use his skills to perfection and also gifted him with great intuition.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay and Aaditya Sain
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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