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Halloween costumes by Sun Signs

Halloween costumes by Sun Signs

Halloween is an old custom celebrated worldwide specifically in European countries very enthusiastically. Traditional Halloween activities include Trick or treating, Bone fires, Costume Parties and visit to Haunted Houses. It is celebrated on 31st October every year.

Ganesha finds it to be very interesting because the date, 31, is ruled by Number 4. Number 4 is ruled by Rahu/Uranus. These planets signify unusual ways of doing things. Rahu is also connected with black magic and illusions. Moreover, the date and month’s total comes to 5, a number ruled by Mercury; so idea is to communicate something with the celebration of this festival.

Each Sun Sign has different style of celebrating Halloween, specifically when it comes to dress up and masks. Probably idea is to enjoy hidden desires and fulfil fantasies fantastically and fearlessly.

You may wish to impress people and leave long lasting impression by choosing unnatural and gaudy coloured costumes. You would like to dress up as some famous leader or a martyr as you would hardly be able to hide your leadership qualities. Be it Judah Ben-Hur, Rameses or Adolf Hitler’s style, people are going to be amazed with your idea, says Ganesha.

You must have saved quite a bit to spend on Halloween costume. At the same time, you might have bargained a lot while shopping it, chuckles Ganesha. You may wear something with lots of furs and feathers probably things that give you more warmth but Ganesha promises one thing that you would be one of the sexiest looking persons amongst all. No wonder if you role-play like Adam or Eve! Of course, with some particular parts of body hidden with sponge, fur, feathers or a long leaf of some tree.

As a `Twin’ you may have many choices and concepts. You can be right from Robot to a super duper hit recent movie character. How about Jack Sperro from Pirates of Caribbean or for females Charlize Theron of `AeonFlux’? Well, one thing Ganesha assures you that you will be so strong conceptually that you will outstand in the party and attract attention of opposite sex. Ganesha would not be surprised if you wear something which displays mixed Gender.

You may take time in dressing up but will prefer to put on something gifted to you by parents/grandparents or something that’s too old and traditional. You may have options right from a Gazer to an Occultist but a good option would be to dress up like character of famous Oscar Hammerstein II’s song `Ol’ Man River’s sailing through the seas. Ganesha assures that you will have `in-depth’ study of the character before you go ahead with dress and make up.

You would not want to miss the chance to dress up impressively. You wish to look charming and `eye-catching’ on the day of Halloween. You may dress up King Lear or Monarch. Females would prefer to be Cleopatra or Elizabeth! How about Count Dracula – perfect blend of Royal and Horror! Ganesha promises your footsteps would be heavier and slower on the floor with heaviness of costume and character that you may be carrying.

After lot of research and contemplation, you may decide to dress up as Health Instructor, Nurse or Doctor. You may also dress up as `service-man’ – no matter if it’s `Microsoft Technical Department Staff Costume’ or even some big company’s uniform. Ganesha feels that whatever you will dress up, at least it will display how much work and brain you’ve put in after it.halloween

You can be centre of attraction in the `Halloween Party’. Your dress may be very interesting as you have good dressing sense by nature. You will exactly know what part of the skin should be hidden and how but.but, you may surely look gorgeous and sexy. Ganesha presumes you will wish to play a Charming Social Leader, A top Model or Hot Actress cum Singer like JLo or Britney.

You may pay more attention to face than the costume. Make up would be such that you will look like most suspicious, mysterious and inquisitively observed character around in the Halloween Party. Ganesha suggests that you would match better with Sherlock Holmes, a Black Magician Tantrik or even a Witch or Wizard with a Wand. You should truly be displayed on Halloween Party Poster to attract and impress others, feels Ganesha.

You may be inspired by a book or some school of thought so your Halloween Costumes may have lot of Philosophical or Historical bearing. You may look very agile and different than usual. Right from the character of `A Monk who Sold his Ferrari’ to Columbus is your span! However, best would be to dress up as Joan of Arc, Robin Hood or even Arjun from Mahabharata. At the same time, Ganesha would not be surprised if you take Avatar of `Lord Krishna’ on the day of Halloween.

You may wish to look presentable and impressive both. Neatness of costume will be noticeable. Ganesha presumes you playing your ideal like business tycoon Bill Gates or even youngest millionaire Ashley Qualls! Whichever character you would be performing from any field of your interest, one thing is sure – it would be the best character.

With due research and analysis over a long period of time, you may decide to go for something concerning `new age’. Your notions and perceptions will be very unique. In other words, you may be the only person with `outstanding’ idea in the entire party! Halloween as a subject may attract you but you would love to be at parties, by nature and you have desire to be exceptional hence you may end up going for world’s crazy despot. Be it a tyrant like Idi Amin, Queen Mary Stuart or defamed yet adorable most Rasputin!

Your costume will not just be a `dress’ but it will be realisation of some fantasy that you adore the most! You may choose to be a Mermaid or a Sea-diver. Your sign also has strong connection with suspense and foreign lands so you may either play a character of a lost identity like Jason Bourne or even for that matter Monalisa! Optionally, you can choose to be a foreigner like a Red Indian in Russia and Eskimo in US or UK to be the best Halloween Dress Winner.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,