Gujarat 12th Science Result by Moon Signs

Gujarat 12th Science Result by Moon Signs

The countdown has begun for the 12th Science students. Hard work is important but luck is also imperative. Everyone’s fate depends on planetary moments. 12th Science result will be declared on 15, May 2008. Based on planetary pictures, Ganesha predicts the fate of all the students. This forecast is based on Moon Signs.

Aries (Mesh)
Your Sign Lord Mars is debilitated and it will be with Ketu on the day of result hence you are likely to be upset with the result. Some sort of disappointment is foreseen. It is advised to worship Lord Ganesha in order to get good result.

Taurus (Vrishabh)
Sun and Mercury both will be transiting through your Sign and Moon will be in Trine aspect with your Sign so you will get good result, by the Grace of Ganesha.

Gemini (Mithun)
Your Sign Lord will be in the 12th sign from here yours so you are likely to have average success in the exam. In order to boost your luck factor, you should recite Vishnusahastranaam.

Cancer (Kark)
Debilitated Mars transiting through your Sign indicates anxiety, feels Ganesha. Your luck factor is not very strong on the day of result hence you are advised to worship Lord Ganesha before eying your result.

Leo (Simha)
Saturn a slow moving planet is passing through your sign which indicates retarded growth. Retrograde Jupiter also indicates that you are likely to have average success in this exam. You must either recite ‘Datta Bawani’ before checking the result or go to Sai Baba’s temple and offer yellow flowers. In addition, you should also recite Hanuman Chalisa before checking/collecting the result.

Virgo (Kanya)
Rahu’s transit through the fifth sign from your sign, indicates disappointment on the academic front. Hence you are suggested to donate some Green Moong wrapped in a black cloth to a lower caste person, in order to boost the luck factor.

Libra (Tula)
Saturn’s aspect on your sign indicates slower progress on the academic front and it also indicates average success. You may be concerned about the merit (marks) however, you may succeed at least. Offer some food or money to the beggars sitting outside Hanumanjee temple, suggests Ganesha.

Scorpio (Vrishchik)
Your sign Lord Mars is debilitated and placed with Ketu at present but Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius indicates that you are likely to succeed and may get good result. Still, if you will worship Lord Ganesha with offerings of red flower and Jaggery, it will help.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Your Sign Lord Jupiter is retrograde at present and Mars, the fifth house of education’s Lord for your Sign, is weak. Although you might have worked hard, you may have average success on the academic front. Worship Lord Ganesha and also eat an item prepared from Besan (Chane ka Aata) before checking you result.

Capricorn (Makar)
Your Sign Lord Saturn is passing through Leo and Venus, the fifth house of education’s Lord for your Sign, is placed in it’s own constellation in a detrimental sign. Considering these factors Ganesha feels that you may get reward of the hard work that you have put in and may enjoy success as per your efforts. For better results, you can worship Lord Hanumanjee with recital of Hanuman Chalisa.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
Your Sign is aspected by a slow moving planet Saturn but because your Sign is ruled by Saturn, you will get very good result, hence there is nothing to worry about. Chances of disappointment are very less in your case.

Pisces (Meen)
You may be very tensed till you actually get the result. Mars and Ketu in the fifth house of eduction can hamper your academic progress, notes Ganesha. Hence you are advised to worship Lord Ganesha with offerings of red flowers and Jaggery. Also recite ‘Datta Bawani’ or worship your Guru (if any) in order to boost luck.

Ganesha observes that due to inimical planetary influences, Gujarat 12th science results may become a cause of concern for many students. However, Ganesha has suggested remedies to boost the luck factor hence students are advised to follow these remedies religiously. This time, 12th science result may be below everyone’s expectation, feels Ganesha.

Kindly note that these predications are based on Moon Signs (Rashis) not Sun Signs. Ganesha would also like to clarify that this forecast is based on Moon Signs only but Dasha Bhuktis and planetary transits over individual’s chart may also have equal bearing and influence on any student’s result.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni

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