Google Boy Kautilya

Google Boy Kautilya

Kautilya Pandit, a child aged five years and eight months, has earned considerable fame and media attention due to his incredible grasping power and memory. He has become famous as the ‘Google boy’, as he literally is an encyclopedia personified. At such a tender age, Kautilya can answer a barrage of questions related to world geography, politics, economy and general knowledge, while other children of his age are happy to learn the alphabets and nursery rhymes. Kautilya’s incredible memory and an ability to recall at will all the tutored facts have made him the center stage attraction in many television shows. His extraordinary intelligence has attracted the psychology experts of Kurukshetra University, who are investigating his phenomenal learning capabilities. The experts have commented that Kautilya may have an intelligence quotient (IQ) of 130, which is excellent and extremely rare in his age group. Ganesha studies the birth chart of the wonder boy Kautilya, and gives us an astrological insight regarding his amazing abilities.

Kautilya Pandit
12th December 2007


Why does Kautilya possess such a sharp memory?

There are many reasons behind Kautilya’s phenomenal memory power. The prime reason is that his date of birth is 12th, which totals down to 3, a number ruled by Jupiter, the signifier of knowledge. His sun sign is Sagittarius, again, a sign ruled by Jupiter. Even at this tender age, due to his inquisitive nature, Kautilya is trying to acquire more and more knowledge. In his birth chart, Jupiter and Moon are placed in Sagittarius,a sign ruled by Jupiter. This also acts as a booster to the ‘Jupiter factor’ found predominant in his chart, especially because Jupiter is in its own sign, Sagittarius, which represents knowledge.

Qualities of Sagittarius embodied in perfection

A noteworthy point to mention is that Kautilya has memorized many details that are related to travel, places, world geography etc. This signifies a typical Sagittarius individual, who is a ‘wanderer’ by nature and satisfies the spirit of an ‘explorer’ in him by remembering facts and details of various places in the world. A typical trait of Sagittarius individuals is that they take keen interest in a number of things, but sometimes they end up scattering their energy by concentrating in too many things all at once!

Budhaadity Yog

Sun and Mercury’s conjunction is known as Budhaadity Yog. Kautilya is born with Sun and Mercury conjunction in Scorpio. The conjunction is within 3 degrees. Both, Sun and Mercury are in a constellation ruled by Mercury, a planet which rules intellect, brain, logic, analysis etc. Both, Sun and Mercury are placed in the watery sign of Scorpio. Hence, whatever knowledge Kautilya grasps, percolates to the depths of his mind, in the same manner a stone dropped in a fixed water body settles in its base. Thus, he is able to consolidate all the knowledge which he gathers. Another noticeable factor in Kautilya’s birth chart is that Mercury is placed in sign of Mars, and retrograde Mars is placed in Mercury’s sign. This implies an exchange between Mars and Mercury. This exchange also gives Kautilya the ability to grasp things quickly at such a tender age.

Will Kautilya remain famous for a long time to come?

Ganesha observes that there are no planets in the 10th House from Moon, so Amala Kirti Yog is not found in his chart. However, in absence of his birth time, this factor cannot be ascertained firmly.

Is any other potential present in Kautilya?

Kautilya is born with Venus in Libra, and Venus is in degreecal Trine with retrograde Mars in his chart. He can become a very good artist of any kind, if he is inclined towards it. He should try to cultivate his talent in any art form of his liking.

Will Kautilya be able retain his phenomenal memory power?

Kautilya will surely possess excellent memory power throughout his life. However, during Shani’s Sade Satis and Dhaiyaas – his mind may function slowly. This is a universal rule and applies to all. His Natal potential will not fade away, but it may decline in his old age.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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