Gitanjali Gems floats arm in Dubai

Gitanjali Gems is a known name which came up with IPO in February 2007. Considering chart of the Date on which they came up with IPO, Ganesha notes that it has powerful Bhagya Bhuvan. Mars in Sagittarius being Lord of Bhagya Bhuvan indicates success in the foreign land. However, it has Stellium of Venus, Uranus, Sun, Rahu and Mercury in the 12th house of establishment chart. It is approaching time of Saturn’s return this year. Though it has powerful luck factor in foreign land, Ganesha’s foresight says that August and September 2007 are crucial for Gitanjali, specifically for legal issues, while transiting Saturn aspects Natal Sun placed in the 12th house. Ganesha feels that through Gitanjali Gems has progressive future abroad, company will have to be extra careful in case of legal issues.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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