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Ganesha’s tips for a happy and prosperous life

Ganesha’s tips for a happy and prosperous life

Ganesha gives a few tips for a happy and prosperous domestic life:

(a) On your or your wife’s birthday and on your wedding anniversary, mix some raw milk with water in your bathing tub. It will dissolve all kinds of differences between husband and wife.

(b) If one feels that warmth is diminishing in marital life then both husband and wife should try to go for an outing during rain. It will solve the problem.

(c) If a lady feels that her husband is having an extra-marital affair then early in the morning when she comes face to face with her husband, she should touch her forehead with her middle finger and recite her husband’s name silently.

(d) If you feel that expenses are increasing uncontrollably then just ow a few sweet biscuits for birds on your roof.

(e) If you are disturbed by nightmares, keep an iron plate or knife below your bed sheet.

(f) Never live in a house facing south. But if you do have a south-facing house, undertake the following remedies:

(1) Fix copper nails on the south gate.

(2) Feed sabut moong to a goat frequently.

(3) If possible, donate a goat to a person who needs its milk.


Gau-grass can be defined as giving a portion of your daily food to a cow, crow or a dog. A cow is a karaka of Venus, which as we all know represents wealth and wife according to Vedic Astrology. Venus is the Lord of the 2nd House (wealth) and the 7th House (wife), according to Lal Kitab Kundli. So giving a part of your meal to a cow will appease Venus.

Secondly, crow is a karaka of Saturn, which according to Kal Purush Kundli is the owner of the 10th House (profession) and 11th House (gains). Feeding crows appeases Saturn.

Third and not the least, a dog represents Ketu. Ketu is also the karaka of son or progeny. Feeding street dogs ensures the well-being of children and progeny.

Note: If a couple is not able to conceive then the best remedy for them is to feed street dogs on Sunday mornings, before sunrise. It will appease Lord Ketu.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team