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Ganesha’s Take on the Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Ganesha’s Take on the Indo-US Nuclear Deal

The Indo-US civilian nuclear deal has become the talk of the town. The Left parties have rejected the Congress-led UPA Government’s request to start negotiations with the IAEA on the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal. The Board of Governors will be meeting in November and the negotiations have to be completed before that. However, the CPM governors rejected this proposal.

Here, Ganesha would like to throw some light on the astrological reason for political instability in India’s Politics.

Rahu is passing through the midpoint of 10th house in Independent India’s chart where Saturn with Ketu aspects on 10th house. On the other hand , Saturn is posited in Leo in Congress’s chart. Equally, Moon , Rahu , Mars , Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in Leo sign in BJP’s chart.

Critical dates for more movement in Government :

From 12th of October to 16th of October there will be conjunction of Transiting Saturn and Ketu. Saturn is Significator of Oil and Gas whereas Ketu acts as Mars. It rules over explosive and fiery elements.

Between 28th October and 2nd of November Sun will be in aspect of Saturn. Both these planets are natural Significator of polity and government and Sun is the natural enemy of Saturn. There can be conflict and disagreement between Congress and BJP also.

Ganesha wishes the concerned parties all the best and may this nuclear deal prove beneficial for India without affecting the peace and harmony.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,