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Ganesha says respite from sultry summers will come only after mid-June

Ganesha says respite from sultry summers will come only after mid-June

As far back as the 2nd century BC, ancient Babylonians predicted weather and the changing seasonal cycles by studying planetary configurations. Apart from this, there are many scriptures in Vedic Astrology that teach how to predict weather.

Famous medieval astrologers Claudius Ptolemy and Johannes Kepler made weather forecasts by applying astrological principles and techniques based on the position of stars, planets, the Sun and Moon.

The Solar Ingress Charts play a vital role in predicting weather conditions. Here, Ganesha uses Solar Ingress in Aries for Delhi to predict India’s weather.

Solar Ingress in Aries
14th April, 2009
00 hours 47 minutes 06 seconds
Delhi, India

House Cusps

Summer 2009
In the Solar Ingress Chart, Libra Ascendant was rising in 2008. Libra is an airy sign and causes hot winds to blow.

Currently, Sagittarius is rising in the Solar Ingress chart. The stated astrological interpretation stands true for both Delhi and Allahabad (Delhi, being the capital of India, was taken into consideration. Indian Standard Time is calculated from the Allahabad observatory, hence Allahabad was taken into consideration). Sagittarius Ascendant, being ruled by a fiery sign, sets the temperature soaring.

Moreover, the 4th House cusp is in Aries, at 06 degree 42 minutes 51 seconds. On 19th April, 2009, transiting Sun was within one degree and was applying conjunction to the 4th house cusp of the Solar Ingress chart. It was on this day that Delhi recorded the maximum temperature at 41 degree Celsius.

When transiting Sun was exactly on the 4th House cusp on 20th April, the mercury shot past 39 degree Celsius in Delhi.

What next?
Transiting Mars will be on the 4th House cusp on 2nd June, 2009. Hence, we can expect maximum temperatures between 1st June to 3rd June.

India may also experience hot and dry conditions with strong winds blowing in the first week of June 2009. Till Sun enters Cancer, which will happen on 16th July, we should not expect greater amount of rainfall. However, to consolidate, Ganesha feels that after 19th June and by 16th July 2009, temperature will fall to a considerable extent.

May the divine Lord give us the strength to adjust to changing weather conditions.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,