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Ganesha professes Astrological remedies for Addiction

Recently, a friend gave me a book titled ‘Alcoholic Anonymous’ published by Alcoholics Anonymous world services, INC. New York City. The book has helped thousands to come out of their addiction to alcohol. The book deals in detail the psychological explanation and gives insight into the lives of the people continuing with their addiction to alcohol.

This inspired Ganesha to look around for astrology oriented remedies to getting rid of any addiction. Besides, alcohol, people around the world also smoke Marijuana, the chemical powder of Hashish. Astrology as such does not try to distinguish between forms of addictions. Before, looking for remedies, let us have a peripheral view of the planetary positions in the Natal chart which indicates possible inclination towards addiction to toxic substances.

Herein, planets placed in the 11th, the 12th and the 2nd house have greater say. Malefic planets in these houses may lead to mental stress. This in turn induces tendency towards addiction. Saturn or Rahu (Dragon’s head) in the 12th house may lead to long term addiction. Mars in the 11th house gives friends attached to addiction. Strong addiction for a long period can be attributed to strong Mars or end Saturn, Rahu. These people have their own reasons to continue their addiction and fully enjoy the same. Persons having planets in the 3rd or the 11th house are likely to have good number of friends associated with addiction.

Now, for the remedies, to come out of this immensely harmful habit of addiction. In all cases importance of strong will to come out is of prime importance. Astrology presents time frame for the same. If the addiction is not very strong and not carried for a very long period, then Saturday can play a vital role. Take your last peg or puff on Saturday and try to not to go for the same on Sunday which is rather easy to do. From then onwards you are not likely to feel any urge or desire to continue with addiction. Astrologers can use Saturday to look for a solution to long-standing difficulties experienced by a person. Also good for deliberating plans of future and right planning for the same.

Now moving further, if the addiction is very strong, then the day of full Moon can play an important role in getting rid of the addiction. One has to take his/her last peg or puff on the day prior to the full moon day. Just execute strong will on the full moon day to refrain from your addiction. The urge will become weaker day by day and by the time the month ends one can come out of this harmful habit.

If the habit becomes too difficult to get rid of, then one has to come to India around Holi celebrations. In the evening, when the fire is lit for Holi, just drop the substance in the fire and pray to get rid of such harmful habits. Within not much time one is likely to lose the appetite for the substance, whether alcohol or smack.

Ganesha will be delighted to guide people to get rid of addiction.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,