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Ganesha foresees major changes in the world climate

Ganesha foresees major changes in the world climate

The upcoming total solar eclipse may induce changes in the global climate, foresees Ganesha
A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, while fully or partially blocking the Sun’s light. A solar eclipse is an astronomical event and a natural phenomenon that happens at regular intervals. However, it is known to have a major astrological significance as well. The Moon blocks the light of the Sun, the celestial body that gives us life and power, and as per the principles of astrology, this event manifests change, predominantly in the outer, external or physical fashion.

A total solar eclipse (Khagras Surya Grahan) in which transiting Moon fully blocks or covers the Sun will occur on 13th/14th November, 2012 in the Moon Sign Libra and in Vishakha constellation. This particular solar eclipse will be visible in some parts of South America and Australia. Ganesha analyses the planetary combinations and astronomical observations, and finds out the kind of influences the upcoming total solar eclipse may generate.

Commencement of the eclipse: 25:08 (01:08) hrs.
Commencement of Khagras: 02:06hrs.
Paramgras: 03:42hrs.
End of Khagras: 05:18hrs.
End of eclipse: 06:16hrs.

Other astronomical patterns during November 2012:
Transiting Moon will be the closest to Earth on 14th November, 2012.

Sun will be in perihelion with Mercury on 17th November, 2012.
Transiting Mercury will be the closest to Sun on 21st November, 2012.
Madhyam Chandra Grahan will occur on 28th November, 2012.

Ganesha feels that November 2012 may bring unexpected global climate changes. There may also be sudden climatic changes along the Eastern coastal zones of North America and the areas that specifically lie near 60* Northern Latitude. The total solar eclipse, which is going to occur in the month of November, may cause thunderstorms at the locations above 65* latitude and below 60* Latitude. The coastal zones near International Time Zone may experience windy spells (strong or moderately-strong) during November 2012. Dry weather conditions are likely to be developed in some parts of Australia, whereas some locations of Australia or nearby islands may experience rainfall.

Also, countries like Argentina, Austria, Canada, England, Germany, Poland, Palestine, Japan and Siberia may experience sudden changes in the climate.

According to Ganesha, the malefic effects of the total solar eclipse in the form of black shadow may adversely affect China, Israel, Syria, Burma, Tibet or the North-East of India, especially Assam.

We hope and pray for everyone’s health, happiness and peace.

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