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Fundamentals of Vaastushastra

Fundamentals of Vaastushastra

The whole universe is made up of five basic elements, the earth, water, fire, air and space. Our body is also made up of these five basic elements of nature. The pancha-mahabhootas are related to our five senses of smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight. Any imbalance in our external and internal Vaastu translates into unhappy situations. Each and everything in this world is made of cell or atom and thus it is made of panchmahabhootas

Agni (Fire)
Sun is the most vital source of energy and light. It is the soul of the universe. Formation of day and night, charge in seasons is brought about by the movement of Sun in relation to the movement of earth. Fire element is related to our sense of sound, touch and sight. It is difficult to imagine life on earth without Sun.

The Sun rays can be split into 7 plus 2 colors. Beginning from the very beneficial ultra-violet rays in the Eastern side corresponding to North-East, the Sun rays further split into violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red (VIBGYOR) and infra-red in South-East. Violet and cold colors of the spectrum have a beneficial and soothing effect on the body and hence it is recommended to keep open space in the North-East.

Prithvi (Earth
Human beings have a natural and emotional affinity with the Earth. The Earth revolves around the Sun and has gravitational and magnetic force. Scientists have proved that earth is a huge magnet with two poles-North pole and South Pole. The magnetic pole in the Northern hemisphere is located on a peninsula in Northern Canada. The opposite magnetic pole in the Southern hemisphere lies on the Antarctic continent, south of Australia

Our ancestors have found that sleeping with the head towards the South enables one to go with the nature and draw maximum positive energies from the cosmos to keep fit and healthy. Vaastu also deals in detail with inspection of soil, selection of site, shape and size of a plot to land.

Earth is the only element linked to all five senses of taste, sound, touch, smell and sight and thus exerts the maximum influence on us.

Vayu (Air)
The Air or Vayu is vital for our survival. Our sense of sound, touch and feel are related to Air. Sun’s energy is one of the main factors responsible for the movement of air in the atmosphere. Vaayumandala (The Atmosphere) is our earth’s “Aura” and it takes the positive energy almost 70% from the Lord Sun. The air on earth is a mixture of various gases like Nitrogen 78.08% , Oxygen 20.94% , Argon 0.93% Co2 0.03 % etc.

Vaastu recommends proper placement of doors, windows, ventilators, balconies, height of structures and placement of trees and plants for balancing the Air element within the structure.

Jal (Water)
After earth, water is the most important element. It is linked to our senses of taste, touch, sight and hearing. It is quantitatively the largest of the five elements, as more than 70% of our body consists of water. Most ancient civilizations came up close to rivers and water sources.

Our earth is often called water planet or blue planet. The watery bodies cover 71% of the earth’s surface out of which 95% of all the water on earth is in the ocean and the rest in glaciers.

Vaastu provides important information about the placement of water sources like wells, boring, underground water tank, overhead water tank etc, while planning the house. Positions for drainage of water, septic tanks, sewage, drains etc. are decided carefully to optimize the benefits of water element.

Aakash (Space)
Vaastu is the only body of thought that gives Space the status of a natural fundamental element. Vaastu Shastra is, therefore, superior to any modern or traditional school of architecture in the world.

Aakash or the space is infinite and limitless. It is related to our sense of hearing, in a house, space element related to the centre portion or the Brahmasthan. It is important that Brahmasthan is kept open and light. Any disturbances in the space element are detrimental to your growth.

When you keep your office, home or factory in a mess , you spoil the space element around you. Extra construction, unutilized rooms or floors, homes stuffed with possessions, too big extravagant and opulent houses collect a lot of negative energy.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,