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Full Moon in Leo January 22, 2008

Full Moon in Leo January 22, 2008

Full Moon occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun. On January 22, 2008, Full Moon is happening at 1 degree of Leo, as per Western Astrology. Full Moon is the time when emotions are high and blood circulation is faster. The word ‘lunatic’ is originated from word ‘luna’ – Moon. Lunations play very vital role in our life and they decide the course of action for the month. Whenever Moon reaches to its climax, it rules our mind and heart, and hence any mess gets unzipped. Ganesha would explain a bit about what will be the effect on each Sun sign when Moon will reach a culmination point on 22nd January 2008 in Leo.

Academic interests may reach a decisive point. If you are an artist, you may shine bright with full Moon. It is an important phase for those planning for the kid. Lovers may also experience electrified emotional waves. Time to develop better professional skills on the career front. Read more about Aries.

Domestic matters may keep you busy. You may be willing to buy a new house, vehicle or a property. Ego needs to be controlled in the matters of heart. Love life will require great nurturing. Time to attain clarity in matters of heart! You are likely to be more attached with job and related responsibilities. Read more about Taurus.

Short distance travel and intellectual interests are highlighted. If you have been waiting to work on a new project and haven’t yet put it in black & white, this is the right time. It is time to take important decisions using your intellect. If you are into creative work, you can achieve success showing your cerebral calorie. Time to think seriously about career and make smart moves. Read more about Gemini.

Money can be the matter this time around. If you have applied for loan, you will get a news about the same. At the same time, family demands more attention. Ego should not reflect through your speech, else you may end up having problems with others. Comparison of career and money is natural this time. You can expect lucrative offers from other employers. Read more about Cancer.

Important projects may reach to concluding points. There will be a ‘glow’ on your face and constant delight as you might have achieved certain things by now. ‘Ego’ issues must be taken care of. Positive changes in personality are most likely. You may have to take some decision in career, and this might influence your life also. Read more about Leo.

Expenses may shoot up but if you are already in the red, you may be able to pay off considerable amount. Do not ignore the helath issues as Ganesha foresees expenses on hospitalization. Travelling abroad and overseas assignments may prove beneficial. And you may plan to take a job in the overseas companies. Read more about Virgo.

If you are on a senior position in a giant organization, you may feel like giving up the position. It’s time to have clarity with friends in order to maintain harmony with them. Creative interests may develop due to someone’s influence. Team work on the career front will matter a lot. However, issues related to teams may need to be addressed. Get to know more about Libra.

Your career may reach a decisive point as this is the time to have a clear vision of what you wish to do in your job. There is no scope for uncertainty now. You may be relaxed in terms of domestic matters, but your career-cart would not allow you to breathe easy. You will have to take some decision in terms of your career as you want to achieve more in less time. Read more about Scorpio.

You are academically inclined this time around. If you have been desperate to develop a new skill for few months, it’s time to see that knowledge now working in your favour. Good news from distant land may make you feel glad. Spiritual upliftment is also envisaged. Luck is favouring for career progress and therefore, your incomplete projects may approach culmination point. Read more about Sagittarius.

Problems which have been bothering you may get solved, and you will be delighted to demystify many unresolved issues. You will be able to understand destiny’s design clearly and act accordingly. Sex drive may be boosted. You may think of developing a long term financial stability in your current job. Financial security and career may be linked. Read more about Capricorn.

If you are a single, your search for the partner ends. If married, you may need to be submissive and forgiving to maintain harmony. Business partnerships may reach a decisive point. You may have to deal with people who are from the same professional background as you have. Time to kick off joint activities on the career front. Read more about Aquarius.

Routine life may become very hectic. However, your colleagues and bosses may provide a little support. Work schedule may see a change and you can feel relaxed to have completed certain tasks. Current job may demand lot of hard work and slogging initially, but now the time has come to change daily dos and live life in a more scheduled manner so that health, wealth and career remain in perfect harmony. Know more about Pisces…..

These are the general impacts of Full Moon in your sign. If you are keen to know what exactly is in the offing for you in the areas of love, money, career and life, Ask a Question to Ganesha.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Nikunj Suthar,