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From Ganesha with love: Astrological events for Dec 2007

From Ganesha with love: Astrological events for Dec 2007

Events happening on the earth catch the attention of every living being, but extraterrestrial incidents seldom get noticed by us. As a matter of fact, these things should be in the know as they affect our life in a major way. Ganesha takes this responsibility to give what’s what of the heavenly changes for his visitors and readers. Here is a list of astrological events to be happened during December 2007.

Astrological events for December 2007

  • Venus enters its self owned sign Libra on 1st. The event will alarm people to be more conscious about their representation, relationships and impression. The expectations of relationships can be too high. This position gives much charm and attractiveness, grace and kindness.
  • Jupiter combust on 12th: Ganesha considers this event very essential in Electional Astrology. During the combustion of Jupiter, people do not undertake any auspicious ceremony as the Muhurats are unfavorable. Jupiter will be combust in its own sign Sagittarius. Over and above Sun will be in Sagittarius from 17th. In Hindu Vedic Astrology, it is called Dhanaraka. It is also considered as ‘Kamurta’.
  • With the entry of Sun in Sagittarius on 17, people will willingly adjust themselves to change. This is strength because it is a survival mechanism and a weakness because it makes them vulnerable to the demands and influence of other people. Jupiter, planet of bountiful fortunes and good luck, rules Sagittarians. Extreme fire element is observed in this sign. However, Sun is also considered as fiery planet.
  • Mercury at superior conjunction and entering into Sagittarius on 17th: Mercury is the planet which gets combusted maximum time because it is closest to Sun. Combustion of Mercury is very critical for financial market. Market shall change its trend during or before two days of combustion.
  • Saturn begins retrograde motion on 20th: All of us may find it’s easy these days to coast on image, but far more satisfying to fill out our lives with something more substantial. As it is in conjunction with Ketu at its most self-aggrandizing extreme, Leo demands power and generosity. Saturn’s sojourn in Leo may expose the pitfalls of ego-driven leadership, and attempt to reign in unbridled authority. From the work place to the halls of government, bossy people could finally have to face a day of reckoning.
  • Jupiter at conjunction with Sun on 24th: Self-righteous and moralistic atmosphere may be created during this transit. Unexpected positive changes come across the world economy and world political affairs.
  • Venus enters Scorpio on 26th: In this case the lethal attractions are the keyword. The person has very strong emotions, and their intensity may determine her not to take care of the social conveniences and becoming unscrupulous when speaking about erotic issues. People may be endowed with an inborn sense of eroticism and they are generally precocious in this field.
  • Jupiter-Pluto conjunction: This is a favorable aspect, which should allow people the chance to open up their natural talents relatively easily, applying them in a concentrated and strong-minded approach towards achieving your ambitions.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,