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Five Planets in Cancer – Moon, Sun,Mercury, Ketu, Venus Mundane

Five Planets in Cancer – Moon, Sun,Mercury, Ketu, Venus Mundane

Introduction: The Stellium is a multiple conjunction that occurs when three or more planets are in the same house or are in the same sign. This configuration indicates an emphasis on the matters associated with the house or the sign in which the Stellium occurs.

This stellium of five planets in Cancer (Karka) happens on 31st July 2008, for a day. Moon moves into Cancer at 1356 hours on 31st July 2008 and Sukra moves out of Cancer on 1st August 2008 at 1218 hours.

Ganesha takes a look into the chart of India to find out what influences it may have on the country as this is a phenomenon which occurs only occasionally.

India’s Chart
DOB – 15th August 1947
POB – Delhi
TOB – 00.00.00


Planetary positions on 31st July 2008

Sun – 14 degrees
Moon – 00 degrees
Mercury – 16 degrees
Venus – 28 degrees
Ketu – 25 degrees

Note that Indian natal chart also has a stellium of five planets in Cancer. This stellium also happens in Cancer so it is over the natal stellium this is what makes this day very important. Anything that happens today will have a long term influence on India.

Observe that the natal stellium is in the third house of India’s natal chart. The third house in national chart indicates neighbours, peace talks, any kind of important agreements and communications.

Sun and Ketu are separative planets, Moon, Mercury and Venus are benefic planets. Thus the balance will go in favour of benefic influences. It will be more so as Moon is Swagruhi (in it’s own sign) on this day.

So what will happen on the basis of the above observations is the question of significance.

Ganesha feels that a major decision regarding India’s intentions about the current hot issue of the Nuclear agreement with USA will be made, either internally or the same may be executed on this day. If it happens at all this agreement will send positive message the world over and lead to India’s benefit in the long run.

The second thing seems to be that India’s neighbours will also be supportive to India and issues which have been pending regarding the neaighbouring countries will start being resolved. If not the major issues, at least the small and minor ones will definitely be laid to rest positively for India.

The third thing is that communication networks may develop snags today while truckers may go on a strike or take a decision to go on a strike. This is definitely not good but the outcome will surely be good.

Ganesha also feels that there may be good rain on this day in many parts of the country and some areas may be heavily flooded.

Summarily Ganesha feels that issues related to communication, transport, treaties, neighbouring countries etc.will be prevalent on this day having a long lasting positive influence on India.

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Ganesha’s Grace
Rikhav Khimasia