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Feng Shui Makeover Part-1

Feng Shui Makeover Part-1

Feng Shui is the traditional art of placement. Feng shui handles the five main elements; water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Each one of these five elements moves in a different way and makes the energy of the environment vary with it. Feng shui affects our health, wealth and relationships.

1. Activate Good Luck with Goldfish:
Placing a goldfish, koi or carp inside the house or office aquarium will bring good luck. To attract good luck and activate it use nine fish; eight red or golden and one black. When one of these dies, replace it with a new one. The most auspicious place for the aquarium is in the living room of a home or the front entrance of the office or outside in a man-made pond. A balanced Feng Shui home, office and garden will bring about a positive change in your fortune and prosperity. Feng Shui’s Goldfish signifies beauty and the natural life-balance.

2. Promote Harmony with Houseplants:
Houseplants generate vital energy by exhaling oxygen into the air. The wood element represents spring, new beginnings, growth and wealth, therefore it is important to place houseplants in every room. Colorful flowers bring even a greater balance in your life. Feng Shui is to bring happiness, harmony, good luck and money into your home. In the bedroom, generate energy for resting and romance by using plants with round, soft leaves. If you want to attract wealth, use plants with round edges, like jade which signifies wealth. Offices contain much yang energy due to the electrical equipments and hard surfaces. Fill your office with soft plants to generate more energy. Avoid plants with sharp, pointy leaves or thorns including cactus and spider plants because they emitnegative energy. Choose plants that are healthy and vigorous. Throw out diseased or dying plants, as they give out Shar chi­ (negative energy).House plants promote business growth and brighten any work space.

3. Attract Money Luck with Bells:
Hang small bells outside your main door at home or office. Symbolically the sound of tinkling bells blown in air brings good news and wards off negative influences. Choose small bells made of metal, ceramics or crystal. When you use bells as a Feng Shui cure, you should tie them together with red thread or ribbon because this activates good luck.

4. Boost Good Luck and Wealth with a Fountain:

Want to enhance prosperity? Boosting of energy for better health? Fountains bring the energy of well being to any environment. Whether on a desk, on the main entrance, inthe living room or kitchen, nothing attracts wealth and good luck more than a a water fountain does. Water fountains that pool water, signify pooling wealth. The water element is about the flow of energy and clarity and it attracts life force chi. Chi enhances health and prosperity. Place the fountain in such a way that the water flows to the center of the room. Running water helps flow positive energy through the space and is extremely soothing and comforting. Make sure to keep it clean and flowing at all times.

5. Add light to stimulate new ideas:
A chinese proverb says, ‘When there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person’. A light bulb opens the mind to ideas that were in dark. By adding light to any specific area you are adding illumination which gets Chi activated. You can apply greater creativity in your career and efforts to generate wealth and relationships by adding light. Examples of light comes from natural sunlight, electrical lights, candles, holiday lights, oil lamps, or from a natural or simulated fireplace. Be cautious while selecting lampshades. Do not use a black lampshade as it signifies a funeral shroud or casket and would create negative energy in the house. Use colours that represent life and positive energy.

6. Clear Clutter to Enhance Prosperity:
Clutter and junk in your Wealth area can cause financial problems. Clutter can also interfere in other areas of the Bagua and can negatively affect your fame, relationships, career, knowledge, family and health. Gathered clutter in your environment creates stagnation and interferes the natural flow of the Chi within your home. Clutter can affect your mental, physical and emotional state, making you feel lethargic, depressed and demotivated. Start clearing clutter today to organize your physical space and to make a difference in your life.

7. Soften all the furniture Corners with Feng Shui:
The main door of your residence is considered to be the “mouth” through which Chi enters, it must be protected against poisonous arrows. Sharp angles such as corners of objects of furniture are considered to be “poison arrows”. They cut Chi and hit people as they pass. These corners bring ill fate, bad health and other negative effects. It is best to choose furniture with rounded edges. Soften structural corners of the furniture with screens, fabric coverings or plants.

8. Add Yang energy to your Bathroom:
Bathrooms are the most yin rooms in the house because of the amount of water used. It can also be the most draining. Use tiles, chrome, glass and marble to add yang energy. Lightening is a great source for positive yang energy and attracts more Chi­. Mirrors will give the illusion of space in a small, poorly lit bathroom. It is very important to keep the bathroom clutter-free, as clutter absorbs Chi. Pastel and pale colors are the most auspicious and will help to lighten a dark or small room. Include healthy green plants to absorb humidity, add yang energy and reduce the draining effect from the water element. Being a fire element, candles invoke the energy of purification and inspiration, warming up the energy and releasing stress.

9. Hang Positive Art in Your Office:
An office can be transformed and energized in a positive way with the use of Feng Shui Art. Hang paintings or pictures in the office with landscape art. Place a painting of a mountain behind you, as this is symbolic of having support. Hang a picture of a water landscape in front of you to activate a wealth star. Pictures of flowers or fruits are most auspicious when placed in the Family room. Avoid abstract art that includes sharp edges, romantic art or art that is symbolic of romance as well as paintings with wild animals as they can create problems. Avoid art that depicts anything negative like war, famine, abuse, hostility, fighting.

10. Use Flowers for Good to palm Luck:
Place Fresh flowers in your living room or office. Fresh flowers bring luck and fortune in your life.

Fresh flowers improve a person’s mood. Fresh flowers in the home or office reduce anxiety and depression. Fresh flowers should be paired in bunches and should be thrown out as soon as they start to wilt. Dead flowers or dried flowers are believed to bring misfortune. Anything dead or decaying represents death and dying and creates negative yin energy.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,