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Will Stars Support Eknath Shinde As The New CM?

Will Stars Support Eknath Shinde As The New CM?

Eknath Shinde-led Maharashtra government won the floor test in the state Assembly on Monday i.e 4 July 2022. Rebel Shiv Sena leader Eknath Shinde on Jun 30, 2022, took oath as the new Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The journey to become CM of Maharashtra has not been easy for Eknath Shinde. He has faced many obstacles in his life. From starting out as a grassroots Sena worker to CM of Maharashtra, Shinde has travelled a long road as a politician.

“Development of the state is my priority. I will take all sections of society along with me,” Shinde said after the oath-taking ceremony. So will he be successful in the development of the state? Well, it’s not going to be an easy political journey for Eknath Shinde. Let’s see through the astrological viewpoint and know if it’s really gonna be difficult for him or if he has some strong planetary support that may help him to form a strong government.

Eknath Shinde’s Chart Is Backed By Strong Planetary Support

Born in Satara on February 9, 1964, Eknath Shinde’s oath-taking chart has some very strong planetary configurations. Eknath Shinde took oath on 30th June 2022, at 19.35, Mumbai. At that time, five planets were placed in their own signs in his birth chart. It is excellent and makes the chart very strong. The foundation of the chart is very strong as the Lord of Ascendant is placed in its own sign.  No doubt, it gives strength and power to the new government. But, it will not be an easy task for the Shinde government to implement its agenda. The Lord of Ascendant Jupiter is hemmed in between malefic planets; hence there can be major controversies in the state and may disturb the stability of the government every now and then.

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Will He Be Able To Perform His Responsibilities Smoothly?

The Lord of Ascendant Jupiter and the Lord of 7th house Mercury are in 3/11 placement from each other, which is good for the coalition Govt. But, the Lord of the 7th house is placed in the 6th house (house of the enemy) with the Lord of the 6th house, Venus, which clearly indicates that there might be a trust deficit between the coalition parties. Therefore, it will be a mammoth task to run the government smoothly. Mars-Rahu conjunction in the 5th house also indicates that there can be many controversies and legal issues to face right from the beginning.

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The Lord of the 8th house Moon is placed in its own house and Vargottama as well. It promises that the government may survive many sensitive and challenging phases but, the government may have to deal with many teething problems in the beginning till 10th August 2022. Again the period between 12th October 2022 and 2nd January 2023 and the period between 14th April and 4th June 2023 can be very controversial and decisive for the government.  So, the first year of this coalition government can be very volatile.

The Oath Chart indicates that the government will have enough planetary support to complete its remaining term, but the transiting Rahu in Pisces can bring assembly elections much before the schedule in Maharashtra. The probability of the next assembly election in Maharashtra will be high between November 2023 and April 2024.

Ganesha wishes Eknath Shinde all the best in his future endeavours. We are sure his hard work will bring positive changes to the state. For more personalised insights or guidance, always consult our Expert Astrologers!