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Effects of the Venus transit in Scorpio on Leo Individuals

Effects of the Venus transit in Scorpio on Leo Individuals

Venus is a bright planet named after the Goddess of love and beauty. The planet is transiting to the passionate watery sign, Scorpio on October 28, 2019. The transit of Venus is always interesting to look at as it signifies relationships, materialistic things and worldly pleasure which are very important in everyone’s life.

The planet is transiting to the fourth house in your birth chart of Janampatri. The fourth house is a significator of the mother, relatives, domestic environment, property, name, fame, emotions, and hidden treasure. The transit would be favorable for the Lions and foresees strong emotional connect and support from partner and family, increase in assets and good health.

The transit will influence your happiness and emotions. The influence would be positive and the transit would shower happiness in personal and professional life.

You would be able to connect emotionally with your partner. There would be a strong understanding between you and your partner and both would share the feelings openly.

Your long-awaited wishes would be fulfilled. Your dreams would come true during this period. The fulfillment of dreams and happiness would cherish your life with happiness.

Personal assets would increase during this period. There are chances of purchasing vehicles or property during this period.

Your financial position will improve during this period. Your income would increase and there are chances you may earn from new sources. The transit foresees stable income flow and a good period regarding finance.

Your relationship with your family members would cherish. They would support and understand you. You would experience peace and harmony in personal life. Your relationship with your mother would get stronger and cherishable. She would support you the most during the transit period.

You are likely to spend quality time with family members. You would spend a romantic time with your partner and may plan to dine out with them. You may also go to a peaceful and serene place to spend special time with your life.

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Your career is likely to progress during this time. Your goals would be achieved at ease. Venus in the fourth house would lead to an increase in concentration in the workplace. You would put sincere efforts in performing tasks. Your efforts would be rewarded and recognized by your immediate boss, superior and senior officials. You may get promotions or salary increments according to the star’s forecast.

Your social network would increase. You would meet new people and make friendly relations with them. These relations would be beneficial to you in the future.

You may go on vacation with your partner during this period. The time you spend with your partner would increase the closeness and strengthen your relationship. You would spend a romantic time and share your hidden feelings to your partner.

You are likely to go on office trips or business trips. These trips would be beneficial for you and will give you the desired results. You may meet new people during the travel time which would help you to increase your network. You may sign new business deals that would be beneficial and help in the growth of the business.

Your health would remain good during this time. No major health ailments are foreseen during this period. You should eat healthy food and exercise or workout regularly to remain fit.

Overall the transit gives beneficiary results in health, career and financial investments.

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