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Effects of the Sun Transit in Libra on Taurus Individuals

Effects of the Sun Transit in Libra on Taurus Individuals

Sun is the king of all planets and worshipped as a deity in Hindu culture. The transit of the Sun happens every month and it is called Sankranti. This time, the Sun transit is in its debilitated sign Libra. The Sun would give different results in different houses during the transit period.

For Taurus individuals, the sun is transiting to the sixth house of your Janampatri which is ruled by Venus. Virgo sign is the lord of this house according to Kaal Purush Kundali. The seventh house is a significator of a spouse, partnership, enemies, litigation, health issues, and competition. The transit indicates fruitful results from unexpected opportunities which would help you to recover your financial liabilities. You would be in a mood of competition and completing your pending work during this transit period. Your enemies would not dare to face you.

Let us see if the transit of Sun in Libra sign is going to be a blessing or a curse for Taurus individuals.

It is the best time to accept responsibilities. You would be highly focused on your work and fulfill all the responsibilities economically.

You would sincere efforts to achieve your targets and accomplish your goals. Your efforts in your work would be appreciated by your immediate boss, superiors and senior officials.

The positive energy imbibed in you and your enthusiastic persona would create insecurities for your enemies and opponents. Due to this, you will overcome your enemies and they would not be able to touch your hair also in this transit period. They would not have enough courage to face you so you should do more daring activities in this transit period.

The sincere efforts you have put in your work would give fruitful results to you. The transit period is quite beneficial for the bulls.

You would sit in relaxation and experience mental peace during this transit period.

You would achieve good respect, name, and fame in society. Your social status will be enhanced. The sociable atmosphere would motivate you to offer and receive greetings. Your social and personal relationships would be satisfying and keep you happy. It is an excellent time to spend with friends and colleagues.

You are likely to get financial gains unexpectedly and you would disburse your financial liability from it.

Your health condition would be better during the transit of the Sun in the opposite sign. No major health issues are foreseen in this transit period. You would recover from diseases, even if they are chronic, during this transit period.

You are advised to stay away from the people with negative thoughts and energy as it can be harmful to you.

You may have some controversies, disputes or arguments with your family life regarding paternal property and money. You don’t have to worry about this as the verdict is likely to come in your favor.

You are likely to get benefits from government officials during this transit period.

The transit of Sun in Libra would be beneficial for students. If you have appeared in any competitive exams in recent time there are high chances of getting the desired results.

Overall the transit of Sun is going to give you beneficial results in different areas of life.

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