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Effects of the Sun transit in Libra on Gemini Individuals

Effects of the Sun transit in Libra on Gemini Individuals

The almighty Sun is going to transit in Libra on October 18, 2019, a zodiac sign without any living symbol. Libra is a malefic sign for the Sun. Considered as a planet in Astrology, Lord Sun has a great social influence that motivates feelings, unexpected experiences, negotiations, feelings, and association with people at personal and professional front.

For Gemini individuals, the Sun is transiting to the fifth house of your JanampatriThe fifth house is a significator of education, children, entertainment, intelligence, and knowledge. The transit of the Sun in the opposite sign, Libra would be highly beneficial for working staff and employees. Employees who are engaged with their firm for a long time would get an appreciation of the efforts they have put in the workplace until now. You will come out with flying colors in your respective field.

The king of planets would produce some strong impact on Gemini individuals. Let us see how the transit of the Sun in Libra sign is going to be a blessing or a curse for Twins.

The employees who are engaged with an organization for quite a long time and awaiting promotion and increments would get desired results.

The transit of the Sun would be a boon for the employees working at the same company for a long time. The efforts put at work in the past would get recognition from an immediate boss, superiors and senior officials. There are chances of growth in the workplace.

The efforts that you put in to achieve the target and accomplish your personal goals and company goals would get appreciation from senior officials and the officials in the top management.

You would have a cordial relationship with your superiors, colleagues, and subordinates.

Your communication and presentation skills would get enhanced in this transit period.

You would be able to handle work pressure very tactfully and are capable of handling adverse situations in the workplace very well. You would perform well in your respective field and achieve your personal goals and company goals.

You would be highly efficient in your work and the same will be appreciated by your boss and senior officials.

The transit of the Sun in the opposite sign is not favorable to the students. Academically, the transit period is not good. Students would face difficulties in concentration while studying. Their academic performance is likely to get affected due to a lack of concentration.

The students are advised to do Yoga and meditation to enhance their concentration and avail better academic results.

The twins are likely to see some financial issues during this transit period. You should not take hasty investment decisions as it may affect your chances of getting special benefits from the investment done in this transit period.

You would spend more time with your love partner. It is a golden period for a romantic relationship but you would face some stressful situations in this period. Hence, you are advised to be more relaxed and enjoy yourself with your love partner. It is the best time to communicate your thoughts with your loved ones. So, utilize this period optimally.

The individuals who are planning to be in a relationship or getting married would find their ideal life partner during this transit period. A person of your dreams can enter your life and you may plan your future life and marriage with him/her.

You should take care of your health. Ignorance towards minor health ailments may become major in the future. So, you are advised to give the required attention to your health and avoid it from getting worse in the future.

You are advised to exercise regularly in order to keep yourself healthy.

You are advised to avoid misunderstandings and arguments with your spouse to enjoy better conjugal bliss.

Your work actions would give lesser results than your expectations so you should not get worried about it.

Students who pursue higher students may face some intervention so try to cope up and upgrade yourself on time to time basis.

You should postpone your travel plans as they may not give you fruitful results.

Overall, the transit will offer beneficial results and hence you must make maximum use of this period.

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