Effects of the Sun transit in Libra on Aries Individuals

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Unlike Solar System, the sun is a planet in astrology. The almighty Sun is the king of all planets. The sun is transiting in its debilitated sign, Libra. It will be in the opposite sign for a month and transit to Scorpio after that. The Sun transits in another sign approximately every month and after completion of a year, it comes back to the same zodiac sign.

For Aries individuals, the sun is the lord of the fifth house and is transiting to the seventh house of your Janampatri. The seventh house is Libra and a significator of marriage and partnership. The Sun is in a debilitated condition and would lead to issues in married life along with malefic results on your family life. But the debilitating condition forms a powerful planetary combination for students.

Let us see whether the Sun transit in Libra sign is going to be a blessing or a curse for Aries individuals.

Effects of Sun transit in Libra on Aries Individuals

(Kindly note: the below predictions are mentioned according to Moon sign.)

You need to put in sincere efforts to maintain cordial relationships with your senior officials and colleagues as there are chances of a cold war with your immediate boss.

Avoid arguments and confrontations with superiors or it may lead to straining of relationships with them.

You are likely to face some health issues which may hamper your goals and target.

Professional progress and achievements are likely to be affected due to your health ailments.

You would get moderate results from your colleagues and subordinates. Individuals having partnership firms need to be cautious during this transit period. You are likely to face some issues with your partners and colleagues. A difference of opinion may affect your relationship with them. So, try to maintain a cordial relationship with them otherwise it would affect your future goals.

You should control your aggression during this transit. As your aggression would create a problem for you in your personal and professional relationships. You should try to be as calm as possible and avoid arguments with the individuals in your surroundings.

Your love life would be moderate. The transit would bring disruption in your love life. There are chances of misunderstanding with your love partner

Your relationship with your spouse may not be cordial. The Sun transit in opposition sign would create some problems in your marital life.

The transit would give negative results and may create an adverse effect on your family life and relationship with your family members. There would be mocking and verbal fights with your siblings. Your family life would be disturbed.

You are advised to avoid arguments and confrontation with your father.

Your health would remain average. You are likely to suffer some minor ailments. No major health issues are foreseen in this transit period. You should keep a watch on your diet as there are chances of stomach related ailments

The transit would bring good results for the students. It will help them create their name in the field of education and children are also likely to do well in examinations.

Overall this transit is not beneficial for you and you should avoid arguments at personal and professional front.

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