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Know How Stellium will affect Leo Zodiac Sign

With the Venus, Saturn and Jupiter transit in Sagittarius zodiac sign, the formation of a Stellium is going to form starting from November 21, 2019. This Stellium will be in one particular house and remain there for approximately a month. In astrology, the conjunction of three planets in one house would affect the individuals on a major note. How the conjunction will affect the Leo individuals would depend on the house in which it is going to be formed. Even a single planet leaves an impact on one particular sign. Similarly, the effects of energies that are going to merge with this conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn on Leo would be huge.

The fifth house in their Janampatri is where the Stellium is going to be formed for the Lions. This is the house of intelligence, fame, position, love affair, progeny, past birth, talent in art, heart, and success in competition. Hence, the conjunction of three planets in this house as per astrology will impact these areas of your life. It is foreseen by Ganesha that this is going to be a moderate time of your life. If you are a student, you may get a few mentors who would help you progress in your education and career.

You would start working on things for which you have been thinking for a long time. It may be a project you have been planning since long or research work. You may also get some new business ideas to work on. Prepare yourself to be in the best gear and make use of this phase productively.

Students are likely to get help from their mentors who would help them in their field. You would receive proper guidance from teachers or professors. It is possible that you may get online help in courses you wish to take. This is a good time to focus on your education and career.

You may face disturbances in your personal life. Your opinions would not receive favor. You are likely to fall in some disagreements with your near and dear ones. This may heat up the conversation you have with them. Try to keep a cordial relationship with everyone around and avoid any arguments during this time.

Individuals who are in romantic relationships may have some twists and turns. At one moment there would be flare of intimate romance and dependency on your partner. You would be closer to your partner whether it is your spouse or love partner. At another moment, you would feel detached. Grab the chance to get your 2023 yearly report and know what’s in store for your relationship!

You may face some financial issues if you are not cautious about spending. Keep a tab on your monthly expenditure and minimize it wherever possible. You are suggested to remain vigilant and focus on maintaining your savings. This would give you financial security in times of crisis.

You are also suggested to be careful while driving to avoid any accidents during this time.

Overall, this Stellium in Sagittarius sign sounds to be a bit challenging for the mighty Lions.

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