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Know How Stellium 2019 will affect Cancer Zodiac Sign

The most adorable planet Venus is going to form a conjunction with the powerful Jupiter and the taskmaster Saturn in one house. This particular formation in astrology is called a Stellium which is going to be in Sagittarius zodiac sign starting from November 21, 2019. It will remain for approximately a month in a particular house for different zodiac signs. When these massive and impactful planets come in contact with one another in a single house and sign, you can just imagine the effects it would have!

The Stellium in Sagittarius for the crabs is going to be formed in the sixth house of your Janampatri. Effects of Jupiter, Venus and Saturn conjunction on Cancer zodiac sign will be directly implied in the areas of life dedicated to this house. The sixth house is the significator of debts, disease, enemies, subordinates, disputes. Hence, these areas of your life may be majorly impacted due to the presence of Stellium during this time. You are likely to face struggles in this phase. However, you can prove to be a fighter by tackling tough situations.

This phase would be a bit tough for you as the competition and struggle will increase. Your subordinates or opponents may have an upper hand. You are likely to fall under some arguments and misunderstandings in your professional life. There may be an increase in disputes and differences of opinions with others. Get your personalized career report to tackle problems before-hand.

However, please do not let your sentimental heart get trapped in the tough times. It is suggested that you do not lose patience. You are likely to fight with the problems very well and come out with flying colors. Be ready with a brave spirit. You will ultimately like the warrior in you.

As far as your strengths are concerned, this is the best time for it. You can gear up and focus on mastering your skills to the next level. You are suggested to make use of this phase to explore new avenues. Success would be the end result of it.

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You should not let the chaos in your professional life hinder your personal life. It is suggested that you remain calm and handle situations with understanding. You can also spend some time with your loved ones to maintain peace of mind.

For students, there are chances of learning new lessons with focus. You would be able to understand what is taught to you in the class. This would also improve your concentration level in studies to get better marks.

However, you are suggested to pay special attention to your health. It is likely to go down and cause unnecessary issues. You should remain careful in your eating habits and do yoga or exercises to maintain fitness. This would help you focus on your other day to day activities.

In all, this Stellium of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in Sagittarius will prove to be good for you. Utilize this phase wisely and with strength!

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