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Effects of Solar Eclipse in Virgo on 11th September 2007

Effects of Solar Eclipse in Virgo on 11th September 2007

Virgin (Virgo) is getting Eclipsed

Solar Eclipse can happen on New Moons only. On 11th September 2007 Solar Eclipse is happening in Virgo at 18 degree as per Western Astrology Method.

Ganesha would love to share with all of you which Sun Sign will have what kind of effect this time around. Effect of this Eclipse would start from 7th September 2007 and will remain till next Solar Eclipse, which generally happens after around six months time period. Solar Eclipse is always the beginning of new phase in the area of life that it ignites.


Prime Concerns
Self, Routine, Outlook, Knowledge
Search of self-identification

You can expect to begin something new this time around. Your daily routine will become more organized. You will be able to invest more energy in research and related fields. There may be new self-realisation. This Eclipse will boost your self-esteem. It will be good if you can acknowledge your weaknesses and rectify them – at the same time realise your real potential and hence the direction in which your potential can give optimum output. Unless you are able to recognize your own abilities, discriminate your weaknesses and strengths, you have scope of falling in the trap of `false pride’ or ego conflicts. Ganesha suggests you to start working on `self’ in order to gain maximum out of this Eclipse. You may be cautious about how the world looks at you. Ganesha finds you buying new attires to make yourself look more presentable and impressive. You will also have many new and creative ideas coming to mind, requiring practical mould. If you handle this phase intelligently, you will see radical and positive change in your life.


Prime Concerns
Losses and gains, fears, desire to go for exile, material and non material world
Pursuit of Peace and Space

You have scope of understanding yourself more spiritually. To do this, you first need to clearly understand what spirituality is. This can be understood through Psychology, Culture, Study of Occult and Spiritual books or discussions of two extremes that you love the most. Ganesha foresees you choosing discussion and reading as you are an Air Sign, guided by intellect. While you do this, there is a fear of keeping all practicalities of life aside including family, which must be watched and handled carefully. On the other hand, Ganesha foresees your `secret desires’ getting ignited on the material plane. This means that unless you are able to link material world to spiritual realm, there is fear of losing balance, which is your basic characteristic. There are only two ways to handle this, as per Ganesha’s view. Either you just focus on spiritual growth, and hold on all secret desires – at the most, ignore them. Alternatively, you can just sing Bruce Springsteen’s Song `Secret Garden’ and keep exploring secret desires, till they are exhausted or vanished.


Prime Concerns
Group activities, charitable deeds, Selflessness, Development in anticipation of gains
Expansion for betterment

With this Solar Eclipse, Ganesha finds you focussing more on group activities. You will try to see gain in everything that you take up. Friends will also hold utmost importance this time around. You may desire to do some charity and indulge into such selfless deeds. Ganesha would not be surprised if you are in a mood to sacrifice or martyr for someone special – not necessarily your beloved. Focus may also be on `self-worth’ but to realise this, you may probably need help of groups or friends who can help you comprehend the same. This also means that whatever is happening is not happening because of your sole effort but outer world is heavily involved in your development. Ganesha suggests you to start joining communities, organizations or institutions which may satisfy or justify the needs that you have at present. If level of acceptance increases, progress is assured, says Ganesha.


Prime Concerns
Direct action, Karma, Career, Progress, Establishment and/or Re-establishment, Hardships
Searching Crescendo

It’s all about `direct action’ for you. Ganesha foresees you focussing on your Karma, with larger perspective and greater understanding. You will be more organized and methodical in everything that you do, specifically at work. You may now be concerned about accountability of your work. You have a scope of getting augmentation or promotion, provided you utilize energies of this Eclipse positively because it falls in the Midheaven from your Sun Sign. Because this entire event (Eclipse) is happening in Square from your Sun Sign, Ganesha feels that the accomplishment is promised through pressures and tensions coupled with hardworking moments. While Ganesha says that time is promising for promotion or pay rise, it is also necessary to understand what it exactly means. As per Ganesha’s view, this is the time when you will be searching for material or touchable confirmation of your success. Probably you have been longing for the same since last Solar Eclipse and this is why you want it to be more tangible and evident. Those associated with media and publicity would be benefited by the Grace of Ganesha. Those who have not been much in limelight have scope of having spotlight over their heads! Some of you may also desire to change job this time around. In short, time for advancement has come, make the best out of it!


Prime Concerns
Morals, Belief System, Travel, Luck factor, Foreign lands
Searching the Truth

Although you are highly practical by nature, with effect of this Eclipse you may have more focus on ethereal and intangible things. Be it religion, moral, belief system, philosophy or spirituality related question, you would be taking interest. Not only this, but Ganesha also foresees you expressing your views about such subject or in such areas through speaking and writing. You may now develop `firm’ views about various philosophies and religions. Everything comes from some or the other school of thought but you may be willing to design your own school of philosophy and thought. To start with, you will share these views with your immediate circle on the personal or professional front. Those willing to go for higher education have all avenues open. Ganesha finds you travelling to distant places or at least making travel plans. Your practicality will not allow you to let any travel just be `leisure trip’ so if you travel to distant place, Ganesha feels that mostly it would be for business meet. Positively speaking, gain from distant places or foreign land is assured. No wonder if you take a trip to an old, unexplored and untouched religious place. Everything that you go through in this period will ultimately influence your belief system and moral standings strongly, says Ganesha.


Effects on areas of life
Material world, Spiritual depth, Acquisition, Passion, Intimacy
Wandering between material and spiritual world

You may be encouraged to accumulate more money but at the same time, you will be trying to understand depths of various aspects. Sounds confusing? Ok, Ganesha would explain this to you in detail. With Solar Eclipse in Virgo, your focus would be on material assets, joint finance, business or personal partnership and accumulation of wealth. While you do this, there will be outer influences provoking you to gain more and more what you are looking for so, everything that is material, tangible or perishable is on the foreground. At the same time, urge to understand meaning of life, final objective and specifically pursuit of search is so high – may be coming out of realization that you have while you work on material progress – that you would be willing to understand why one has to look for material success in order to find peace? Again, this is not going to stop here and now. As Ganesha stated before, you may be trying to satisfy yourself with everything that is touchable, even the physical form of `feelings’ you may end up becoming too passionate having more sensual – physical pleasure or even self-pleasure. Ganesha doubts you will be able to find same level of intimacy with Almighty. The material side may win as more bandwidth may be assigned to that area of life and spiritual side can go `out of focus’.


Prime Concerns
Partnership, joint structures, give and take, how the world looks at you and how you look at the world
Phase of One to One Contact

Ganesha feels that this Eclipse will bring your focus on relationship matters, be it personal or professional. Those who are seeking business partnership may find suitable associates. Those already in partnership may start drawing lines or may come to certain terms in order to ensure that sailing is smoother henceforth. It is time of clarity and to attain the same, you may be doing the needful almost all the time. There may also be sense of incompleteness which will provoke you search for betterment. Foundations of stable relationships may strengthen and unstable relationships have scope of reformation in order to re-begin it with a new note. Any alliance done while this Eclipse is in effect may be very meaningful and satisfactory. You may search for balance for emotional growth. Very interesting part of this entire phase is, you can easily achieve everything by establishing `one to one’ contact, without involving anyone else in the process. This applies to everything in purview of personal and professional areas. In short, it is time to stand by someone or make someone stand by you! Ganesha reminds you of the fact that opposites always attract, so don’t run away if you come across something really opposite to what you have dreamt of.


Prime Concerns
Work, Day to day activities, Pragmatic approach
Phase of restructuring work and routine

With Eclipse in Virgo, Ganesha finds your concerns rising higher for job or employment and health issues. You may be trying to follow a structured routine, although it may be difficult for you being a movable sign. You may feel that it is necessary to remain healthy in order to deliver best at work. Some of you may try to reduce work pressure in order to remain healthy where as some may make the work and routine more organized to achieve the same goal. Productivity in general may also be cause of concern. Ganesha doesn’t intend to say it will reduce or increase but you will at least open your eyes to output and efficiency of your efforts. You may also look for ways and means to strike balance with colleagues. This is important process and must be handled with utmost care, says Ganesha. Any misgiving from your end may end up in job change too. Same with health, if you don’t wake up, you may end up developing a new ailment. Considering all these factors, Ganesha advises you to make your `present moments’ smoother without worrying much about distant future.


Prime Concerns
Love life, Performance, Talent, Artistic abilities, Studies
Period of emotional `reorganization’

Ganesha finds you becoming more creative and expressive with this Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Artists will be given more opportunities to showcase their talents, specifically singers. Performance in each area of life will be important for you. Couples may have desire of becoming parents and parents may have increased focus on their progenies. This is a period where in you may need to balance between give and take. Don’t take it too literally but ensure that neither of the side is imbalanced. Unless you strike perfect balance in emotional area of life, you may find the personal front more struggling and dissatisfactory. Potential of growth is there but success may not be so easy. Things you get hard ways, you value them more – this is the case for you with this Solar Eclipse in Virgo. You will be trying hard to form the best possible `practical’ structure of your emotional areas. Ganesha would not be surprised if you decide to behave in one particular manner in your emotional life and make it a daily routine! Students will find more organized way of handling their studies or lessons and their grasping power may also increase. All of you have scope of beginning study of altogether new subject under the influence of this Solar Eclipse.


Prime Concerns
Home, Immediate surrounding, Family and related matters, House, Vehicle
Desire to establish `Home Sweet Home’

This eclipse is highly important for you because it is happening in the sign ruled by Mercury, same as yours. You will be looking for more social contact, comforts of life and `home sweet home’ type of feeling. However, you will end up focusing more on the personal side and outside world may be kept aside for a while. This doesn’t mean that you will lock yourself in four walls and will avoid meeting people but Ganesha finds you seeking more security and stability. Fortunately, to some extent this can be achieved with help of positive rays of this Solar Eclipse. If you have some unsorted problems within the family, you may initiate discussion to sort it out to establish peace. Singles may realize that flirtatious nature can surely provide momentary pleasure but to establish `home’, you need to be more stable. Some of you may think of shifting to new house or may even relocate. Adjustment is must in this period in order to satisfy family members starting from parents to children, each one in your family. There may be change in way of life and family dynamics, for betterment. Ganesha finds you becoming serious and highly concerned about everything that is closely related to you. Purchase of house, vehicle or land is possible in this phase.


Prime Concerns
Intellectual needs, Expression, Communication, Short distance travel, logic and analysis
Express yourself

Your intellectual needs, communication abilities and satisfaction coming through both – would be in focus with Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Your communications may become more practical, insightful and straightforward. You may learn something new to hone your skills. This learning may or may not be through any physical school or college but yes, Ganesha assures that if you take up online courses, say distant learning via emails, you will succeed. You will also be in the mood to teach, articulating your ideas through verbal communication or written. You will be more aware of the need that you need better and encouraging environment to perform well. This may help you build a more personal area in your own house, which can actually allow you the space that you need. You will be more expressive in discussions and meetings. Generally you put across views out of impulses, although you have clarity deep within, but now you will present logical reasoning aligned with detailed analysis of the subject that you are talking about. Short distance travel, purchase of new vehicles like cars or bike may be possible under the influence of Solar Eclipse in Virgo.


Prime Concerns
Money matters, Security, Investments
Money drives the world

Ganesha would not be surprised if you become money minded or at least `alert about finances’ with effect of this influence. Ganesha feels that this phase is not just about money matters. Your ego may be heavily affected by material progress that you see around. This will prove as ignition to this financial need Ganesha is talking about. You may now try to amass great wealth or asset or at least begin to think about the same. You may either be saving to improve lifestyle in future or may just incur debt to show this world that you can live better life and that too at a higher stage. Ideal would be to start saving and investing money in such a way that you get regular return out of this investment. This is called perfect financial structure! If you let your pride clash with the drive to be economic, obviously your ego will win and it may ruin all your fiscal planning or structure hence, Ganesha suggests you to beware of this side of your nature and handle things accordingly. You may succeed in your endeavours, provided you follow a structure or a plan.

Ganesha wishes good luck to all Sun Signs for all the endeavours they are looking at, under the effect of this Solar Eclipse through Virgo.

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