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Effects of Mars-Ketu conjunction on different Moon Signs

Effects of Mars-Ketu conjunction on different Moon Signs

The morning of June 17, 2008, 08:22:00 will witness the conjunction of Mars and Ketu in Cancer with 27:27:29 degrees in Ashlesha Pada-4. This conjunction will take place during Cancer Ascendant and Cancer Navamansh near Mumbai.

Ganesha ventures to find out the effects of this conjunction on the Moon Signs.

Effects of Conjunction on the Moon Signs (till June 25, 2008):

1. Aries:
Avoid too much arguing or excessive expenditure. Your self confidence will remain intact. For purchasing land, house, vehicle etc. the period is not auspicious.

2. Taurus:
The planetary transit indicates that you will become very assiduous and enthusiastic in spite of having difficulties in accomplishing your tasks. Your children might get better opportunities to develop themselves, says Ganesha.

3. Gemini:
Your social reputation shall get enhanced but you will have to avoid aggressive speech and argument most carefully. The transit of Mars is giving indications of problems with family members also.

4. Cancer:
You can expect a lot of recognition and upgradation in your professional life. Take your decisions sensibly. Be cautious in matters of litigation and from secret enemies.

5. Leo:
Profits will be followed by excessive expenditure, says Ganesha. Your credibility in your professional field shall remain unchanged. Your close friends might fail to help you.

6. Virgo:
This entire phase is generally profitable and satisfactory for you. Help from your friends is expected. There will be harmony between husband and wife.

7. Libra:
Your increased working efficiency shall definitely earn recognition for you. Students shall do reasonably well in their studies. Your enemies will not succeed in harming you. Married life will be happy. Have faith in religious activities.

8. Scorpio:
The immunity of your body will increase. You will be able to execute business plans successfully and your enemies will not be able to come in your way at all. Your social prestige and respectability will remain intact.

9. Sagittarius:
You will experience spiritual enrichment and enhancement of your knowledge and education. Your health will remain good but be cautious about injuries and accidents. Positive thinking will bring you fame and popularity.

10. Capricorn:
Be cautious in court cases and do not trust anyone blindly. Be patient and try to avoid getting involved in controversies or heated argument with your spouse. A trip to some beautiful place is indicated.

11. Aquarius:
Ganesha advises you to take special care of your health. Those in service, especially in the private sector, should be cautious in dealing with their superiors and colleagues. Your children will perform very well.

12. Pisces:
Students may get distracted from their studies. You may come in contact with highly respectable and famous personalities. Your expenses would have no rein.

The Mars-Ketu conjunction may have both positive and negative effects on the Moon signs as mentioned above. The key is to be cautious and be mentally prepared in accordance with the predictions based on the moon signs.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,