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Effects of Jupiter Transit Through Nakshatras

Jupiter will be transiting the sign of Scorpio on 11th October 2018, wherein it will pass through the nakshatras of Vishaka, Anuradha and Jyestha. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and spirituality, will be blessing all these 3 nakshatras in its own way.

Jupiter will be passing through the Vishakha Nakshatra from 11th October to 27th October. Vishakha Nakshatra is Jupiter’s own Nakshatra, so it will be the most comfortable here and will give maximum blessings. If you want to start some research work or take up some writing assignment it would be the ideal time to do so.Your intuition will increase and Jupiter will bless you with marriage, children, joint venture; it may also increase your compassion and devotion, there may be trips to the foreign lands, people will opt for management courses. You may prefer to buy gold more than any other metal. At this time, shift to the occult sciences and philosophy is foreseen. You may take astrological guidance and opt for Yoga exercises. Also, you may prefer Ayurvedic form of treatment. It’s the best time to purchase property, start a new venture, initiate new studies. It will work like a Gaj Kesari yoga because Vishakha pada 4 falls in the Navamsha of moon. Do you have some queries in life? You can take help from our celebrity astrologer. Get them answered, buy the Ask Question – Sonia Nayyar.

From 27th October to 12th November, Jupiter will be transiting in Anuradha Nakshatra which is the Nakshatra of Saturn. During this phase, it will pass to the first pada of Anuradha which falls in the navamsha of sun. So this will help you to get a government job. Besides, you will work on self-respect; it will increase your leadership quality,you may be leading a new organization, you may become more responsible and successful. It will also increase your interest in politics also and make you more confident and determined. Are you concerned about your career? Know the future from our celebrity astrologer. Buy the Career Report 1 Year – Sonia Nayyar, get your confusion settled.

From 12th November to 27th November Jupiter will be transiting the Anuradha Nakshatra Pada 2 which will fall in Virgo navamsha, which is ruled by Mercury so its the ideal time to learn more languages, work for trade and finance, economics, the time for group work and organization. It is also a time for collaboration and calculation, an excellent time for astrologers, Yoga, and Ayurvedic treatment.

Jupiter will be transiting Pada 3 of Anuradha Nakshatra from 27th November to 11th December which will fall in Libra navamsha ruled by Venus so this will give excellent time for earning more money. Other developments include purchase of vehicles, increase in socialization, partying and celebration, increase in sex drive. You may also exhibit more magnetism. You will work on relationship, it is an ideal time to work on the husband-wife relationship and every other relationship which needs to be worked or which needs attention. Do you want to know about your marriage? You can ask our celebrity astrologer. Access the Love & Marriage Prospects – Sonia Nayyar.

From 11th December 2018 to 27th December 2018 Jupiter will be transiting the sign of Scorpio Anuradha Nakshatra Pada 4 which will fall in the Scorpio Navamsha. This movement will magnify the energy of 8th house, will increase your secretive nature, revengeful attitude and so on. Black energy will be utilized by more people; they may prefer to put on black colour. Besides, you may invest in joint ventures or use other people’s money for business.

Your investigation ability will increase, your investment will increase, you may use other people’s money or you may get loan easily. Your in-laws will be paying the karmic debt of whatever wrong karma they have done to you in the past. Mood swing will also increase, it is the best time for big changes. In the natural kundli of kaal purush, Jupiter will be transiting the 8th house it will be aspecting 2nd house, 4th house and 12th house. Avail Ask A Question – Sonia Nayyar, get the golden guidance from our celebrity astrologer.

Other things which may take place are: purchase of assets, properties and joining the family business, going abroad, travelling, doing all kind of management courses, purchasing gold and meeting parents; getting and following a Guru going on pilgrimage. Besides, you may witness developments in the following areas: food industry, industries in foreign lands, trade, travel agencies different types of medical profession. You may also look for spiritual angles in life and pilgrimages will definitely be on a high this year.
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