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The legend of Dhanteras

The legend of Dhanteras

Dhanvantri Jayanti

Dhanteras is celebrated in Aaso Maas’ teras of Krishna Paksha. People worship God Dhanvantri On this day, who is the God of Ayurveda. It is celebrated as the Jayanti of God Dhanvantri.

The people who worship by keeping Diyas on the threshold of their houses are blessed with good health and are protected against untimely death.

Once Yamraj asked his attendants: Oh attendants, did you ever feel pity for someone while taking his/her life? The attendants replied in positive and told him that once a king named Hansa went for Hunting in the forest and got separated from his soldiers. He then reached another king Hemraj’s palace, who was childless but a handsome son was born to him after the arrival of King Hansa. When the name ceremony of that child was on the sixth day of his birth, then it was foretold that he will die on the forth day after his marriage. And as per the forecast, he got married to a beautiful and well mannered girl. But death took him away from her. At that time, tears came rolling down from the cheeks of the Attendants after seeing the girl’s condition. But they were bound by Yamraj’s order and thus were helpless.

At that time, Yamraj told his attendants that he too was moved with this incident and further added that if people worship God Dhanvantri on the day of Dhanteras by keeping Diyas on their threshold, then untimely death can never touch them.

Birth of Dhanvantri:
The birth of Lord Dhanvantri is mentioned in Shreemanth Bhagwat and Sushrut Samhita. Lord Dhanvantari emerged out of the churning of sea with a vessel of Amrit in his hands. He was born to protect living beings from untimely death, diseases and sorrows.

People worship God Dhanvantri on this auspicious day by blowing Diyas on the thresholds of their houses. This not only provides them sound health but also protects them and their family members from untimely death. Dhanu referred in the word Dhanvantri symbolizes sorrows and Dhanvantri means the destroyer of sorrows.

Last Day of the Year (Vikram Samvat) – DIPAWALI
People all over India celebrate Diwali on the darkest night (Amavasya) of Ashwin month. This festival is celebrated with zeal and zest to please Goddess Lakshmi. It usually falls in the month of October/ November. It is also known as the festival of lights.

Among all the festivals of Hindus, Diwali is considered to be the most important and popular festival. On this day, countless Lights of Diyas, Candles and lamps turn the darkest night into a full moon night. Every person in our country celebrates this festival with the same enthusiasm. This festival not only symbolizes happiness and victory but also progress.

This festival is important in many ways. On this day, Lord Rama got his throne back after gaining victory on Ravana. Goddess Lakshmi came out of the Sea on this day and married Lord Vishnu. Lord Vamandev gave the throne of nadir to King Bali and Lord Indra lighted lamps of ghee. On the same day, King Virumaditya decided to start his own Sanvat. This day is also the death anniversary of Maharishi Dayanand as well as the famous tirthankar of Jains, Mahavir Swami.

People including children as well as elders crackers to show their joy on this auspicious day of Diwali. However, many awareness programmers have come into existence nowadays to inform people about the adverse effects of crackers. We should celebrate this festival with the same zest but in a more pollution and noise free environment.

Nine planets and Laxmi Sadhna
According to Astrology, days and nights are divided into twelve signs and each and every living being is born under any of the 12 signs.

Each sign has its individual impacts. If a person counts at least one bead of his sign, then its effects destroy many misfortunes.

As there are nine planets, there are nine Goddesses associated with these planets. In the similar way, there are nine forms of Goddess Laxmi Learned people worship all the nine avatars of Laxmi.

Given below is the description of Laxmi associated with different planets. We have also provided the information with regards to positive and negative impact of the planets.

1. Surya (Sun) Laxmi: Positive impact brings plenty of wealth and Rajya Laxmi with genuine means, while negative impact gives wealth procured by dishonest way.

2. Chandra (Moon) Laxmi: Positive effects give good health and negative influence keeps you in appalling health.

3. Mangal (Mars) Laxmi: If the planet favours you, success comes easy to you and if you are not blessed, you may be overwhelmed by a string of collapses.

4. Budh (Mercury) Laxmi: With the help of Mercury, you can achieve gold medals in school and college; otherwise you will have to stay happy with just pass class.

5. Guru (Jupiter) Laxmi: Blessings of Jupiter give you promising children and if Jupiter curses, you may have children without any virtue.

6. Shukra (Venus) Laxmi: If you want a good wife, worship Venus; but the evil eye of Venus may give you wicked wife.

7. Shani (Saturn) Laxmi: Positive impact brings plenty of wealth with genuine means, while negative impact gives wealth procured by dishonest way.

8. Rahu Laxmi: If Rahu smiles on you, good friends can be your fate, and a one venomous view can spoil your life with the company of goons.

9.Ketu Laxmi: A humble Ketu can give you fame and a cruel one can bring blasphemy.

If we are blessed by these nine forms of Lakshmi, our life will be bliss. This is the ultimate prayer and the person reciting the following mantra can attain salvation:

Om Hreem Ashtalakshmeya Daridraya Vinashini Sarvasukha Smruddhi Dehi Dehi Hreem Om Namah

Rashi and Laxmi Mantras:

Aries: Om Aem Kleem Saun
Taurus: Om Aem Kleem Shri
Gemini: Om Kleem Aem Saun
Cancer: Om Aem Kleem Shri
Leo: Om Hreem Shreem Saun
Virgo: Om Shree Aem Om
Libra: Om Hreem Kleem Shree
Scorpio: Om Aem Kleem Saun
Sagittarius: Om Hreem Kleem Saun
Capricorn: Om Aem Kleem Hreem Shree Saun
Aquarius: Om Hreem Aem Kleem Shree
Pisces: Om Hreem Kleem Saun

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Shri Dharmesh Joshi
The GaneshaSpeaks Team