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Decoding the auspicious practice of ‘Vrat’

Decoding the auspicious practice of ‘Vrat’

Man is a treasure of many hidden powers. But due to external appearances and pressures of the outside world, many of these powers remain debilitated. Consequently, he is constantly is surrounded by either some illnesses or troubles in life. In order to get rid of these troubles in life, add to the balance books of his good deeds and/ or in his quest to attain salvation, man takes help of ‘vrat’ or fasting.

There are a number of benefits of this practice called ‘vrat’. A systematic and careful practice of keeping a ‘vrat’ ensures that a person comes face to face with many uplifting and energising spiritual and metaphysical experiences. By doing this, he not only gets entitled to a number of worldly and spiritual gains, but also gets the energy to face the struggles and challenges of life with a renewed zest and confidence. Avail Solutions To Issues In Personal Life With Personal Ask A Question – Detailed Advice

This practice of ‘vrat’ purifies the human soul. Man becomes wiser and there is a definitive escalation in his will-power. His thoughts get purified and he can even achieve atonement and penance from God. Such a person tends to become more inclined towards religion, spirituality and mythology, and many other similar changes take place for good. One may enjoy his/her professional as well as personal life with more vigour by religiously doing ‘Vrat’.

However, one needs to make sure that all the important regulations of fasting are taken well into consideration, to obtain maximum benefit out of the ‘vrat’.

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  • ‘Vrat’ is incomplete without taking an oath, or keeping in mind a definite resolution. Thus, it is important to have a clear-cut reason and time period for the ‘vrat’. Taking an oath about this is crucial before you begin a ‘vrat’.
  • Do consider an auspicious time or ‘muhurat’ before you observe or plan to observe the ‘vrat’; this would help in completion of the ‘vrat’ without any hurdles or obstacles.
  • Avoid anger and criticism on the day of ‘vrat’. Also, compulsorily practice celibacy on this day or during this time period.
  • It is advisable to take/ seek blessings of your elders of the family, parents and Guruji.
  • Practice ‘vrat’ as per the ancient wisdom or scriptures. You cannot make adjustments as per your requirements, even if necessary.
  • In case of a birth or death in the family, one will have to begin the entire ‘vrat’ all over again.
  • Do not count the day when a woman starts menstruating if she is already observing the ‘vrat’. Do observe a fast, but don’t worship God on that particular day.
  • To achieve fruitful results after observing the ‘vrat’, one needs to finish the ‘vrat’ systematically, following the ancient wisdom of scriptures.
  • It becomes mandatory to practice forgiveness, truth, mercy, charity, and spirituality during the period of the ‘vrat’.
  • If there is no fixed deity for a particular ‘vrat’, then you can remember and worship your chosen deity.
  • Do not forget to remember your ancestors on the day of ‘vrat’. This way, you will be able to get their blessings, and will be able to accomplish the motive of your ‘vrat’, swiftly, perfectly and successfully.
  • In case you experience any hurdles or obstacles in your ‘vrat’, first of all atone for the inadvertent mistakes that you may have made in your ‘vrat’. After that, you may begin the ‘vrat’.
  • The relation of fast and ‘vrat’ is like that of a body and soul; both compliment each other, and none can exist alone. So, it is important to observe fast on the day of ‘vrat’.
  • Keep your diet simple, pure, light and nutritious on the day of ‘vrat’, this will make you feel healthy and light. Avoid food that contains onion, garlic, egg, flesh and alcohol. Also don’t consume food which is stale, heavy, fried & oily or any food, which may lead to constipation.

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