Cosmic Calendar – A Voyage To Discover Universe

Cosmic Calendar - A Voyage To Discover Universe

Cosmic Calendar

The Cosmic Calendar, technically, depicts the age of the universe. It is the timeline from the day the universe came into existence. From the present period, it is scaled to be 13.8 billion years, and it is used and implemented in the study of cosmic science. 

There exist many theories related to the cosmic calendar and the universe. However, it is considered that 437.5 years out of each second, 1.575 million years out of every hour, and 37.8 million years of the day in a cosmic calendar.


Cosmology To Breakdown Cosmic Calendar

Date Gya (billion years ago) Event
1 Jan 13.8 Big Bang, as seen through grandiose Big Bang, as seen through grandiose foundation radiation
14 Jan 13.1 Oldest known Gamma Beam Burst
22 Jan 12.85 First systems form
16 Mar 11 Milky Way System shaped
12 May 8.8 Milky Way Universe circle framed
2 Sep 4.57 Formation of the Close planetary system
6 Sep 4.4 The oldest rocks are known on Earth


How Does The Cosmic Calendar Work?

Basically, a Cosmic Calendar works like a timetable that has helped humans to discover the age of our beloved magical universe.


The Cosmic Calendar Invention

Carl Sagan is the Late astronomer cum inventor of the cosmic calendar.  

Carl Edward Sagan was an American astronomer, planetary scientist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author, and science communicator. Carl has brought this theory of The Universe in One Year. He was the first astronomer to brief on the universe as a Cosmic Calendar.

He was an irreplaceable cosmologist who discovered one of the most significant discoveries of all time, which we know as the cosmic calendar. Sagan has very meticulously explained the universe with all its mysterious glory. Although this great astronomer and cosmo expert is no longer with us, still people of his age remember him for his unparalleled work on the Cosmic calendar. 


How Long Are Humans On The Scene On The Cosmic Calendar?

The accompanying cosmic calendar, drawn from Sagan's estimations, puts humankind in the vast privileged viewpoint. Envision the 14 billion-year lifetime of our universe packed into a solitary 365-day schedule year. Nothing is as captivating – or as lowering – as an acknowledgement of the immensity of the universe, about 300,000 years. Yes! This long, we have existed on the cosmic calendar. This bewildering disclosure goaded me to refresh a piece I composed numerous years prior. Here it is. As Carl Sagan, the late American infinite physicist-turned-media whiz, said: "Huge occasions in our own lives are estimated in years or less: our lifetimes in many years; our family lineages in hundreds of years; and all of written history in centuries in the cosmic calendar.


Human Evolution in the Cosmos Calendar of the Universe

Date / time

Mya (million years ago)


30 Dec



31 Dec, 06:05



31 Dec, 14:24



31 Dec, 22:24


Primitive humans and stone tools

31 Dec, 23:44


Domestication of fire

31 Dec, 23:52


Anatomically modern humans

31 Dec, 23:55


Beginning of most recent Glacial Period

31 Dec, 23:58


Sculpture and painting

31 Dec, 23:59:32




How Old Is The Universe?

The Cosmic Calendar is a way of illustrating the universe's chronology by reducing its present age of 13.8 billion years to a single year in order to use it as a scheduling unit in science education or popular science. The age of the universe is defined as the period since the Big Bang in the physical cosmology of a cosmic calendar. The Planck spaceship, the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, and other space probes have all studied prior microwave radiation.

Measurements of cosmic background radiation have shown the universe's cooling time since the Big Bang, so calculations of the universe's expansion rate may be used to calculate its age by estimating the value of time.

Since the Big bang, our universe has been existing for close to 13.8 billion years. Too old, right? Yes, it is. Even though this entire history of our cosmic calendar is seemingly complex to understand for a  normal person, still our cosmologist and theoretical physicist has understood this quite well in terms of its composition and regulations.

However, this entire history of our planet earth only gets friendly at the end of cosmic calendar ancient events. And if we believe all that, then 31st December should be considered the most significant period of all that is. But the reality is different from our belief because the big bang was recognised as the most important event in the history of astronomical happenings.

And right after the inception of our galaxy, the very first star would have a form on 3rd January followed by the evolution of stars who are reaching the top in the middle of the march at the starting point of the cosmic calendar.

Let’s now find out how the Cosmic Calendar affects your personal and professional life aspects. 

In a profession or business, you may get demotivated because of the absence of acknowledgement. On the adoration front, you should be more adjusted and reasonable. You will likewise show more tolerance in your family relationship. You may get extremely possessive with your relative's presents in the cosmic calendar, which may make issues for you.


Cosmic Calendar: Vocation And Business 

You will be certain and energetic, yet you may get demotivated because of the absence of acknowledgement. You will show more autonomy in your work, which may give rise to challenges concerning your seniors. This stage will be exorbitantly occupied and rushed on the professional front. For those working together, a few ineptitudes or impediments may limit your development. 

Relations with your partners and accomplices may confront a few changes. You ought to be cautious while arranging or marking new arrangements or agreements.


Love And Sex 

You ought to be reasonable and adjusted in your way to deal with staying away from disturbances in your love life. It is conceivable that profound established weaknesses may not permit your adoration life to thrive. You may feel fretful, grouchy, guarded, and defensive during this stage. Easygoing talks with your life partner may take a genuine turn, and consequently, you should act with alertness. You will feel the inclination for a powerful sexual coexistence, yet passion may disturb it.

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Marriage And Kids 

You will feel amazingly possessive or envious, which may disturb your married life. There is a likelihood that the absence of comprehension and miscommunication with your relatives may disturb the harmony and agreement. Also, self-image clashes with the elderly folks in the family may cause extra issues. Your kids may come up with more requests. So, you need to be tactful in all these matters. 


Individual And Secret 

Improving your viewpoint about your own life depends on your Natal Graph. You will be exceptionally aggressive and somewhat mysterious. You will need a break from your dreary everyday practice. You may observe wide mindset changes.


Riches And Property

You should forgo making significant arrangements or agreements that will make extra monetary responsibilities. Furthermore, creating hasty buying and going for hazardous theories can be unfavourable to your development. You will battle hard to gain profits. However, it's a happy opportunity to book benefits from past ventures. 

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Cosmic Year Calendar Significance

Yes, the cosmic calendar has a very substantial significance in human life as we are the nonphysical vibrational being that is extracted from this. Hence, every event subject to this universe is essentially important in our life in the cosmic calendar.

All individuals have at any point achieved something that has happened in a cosmic calendar just in a flicker of an eye. Our advancement in the course of the last period not many thousand years back may have been quick and unbelievable. Moreover, it has carried us to a point where we presently try to broaden our development on Earth. No doubt, we have overcome much in a brief timeframe, astronomically speaking, yet whether we'll suffer or not is yet unclear. 

On the offside, we don't start taking a more drawn-out term perspective on our progress; we could be gone in simple enormous seconds, similarly, as all of recorded mankind's set of experiences finds a way into only seconds too. It seems quite complicated, but Yes, it’s interesting to decipher and know the facts.

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