Your Cosmic Calendar For The Week 5th November To 11th November 2017

Your Cosmic Calendar For The Week 5th November to 11th November 2017
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Western Tropical Planetary Positions


According to your Cosmic Calendar, this week is good for business negotiations and entering new deals. Some fears, doubts, insecurities may not allow you to remain focused. You will face tremendous competition during this phase. On the romantic front, some doubts, insecurities or confusion in your relationship may disrupt the harmony. There will be new attachments and you may like to have more freedom and excitement. There will be sexual possibilities and you will make all the efforts to reignite the spark. On the marital front, you may have a strong need to have your space to understand the intensity of your bonding with your life partner and family members, as per the Cosmic Calendar astrology. On the financial front, the tendency of squandering your money to bring about an excessive standard of living may cause commitment pressure.

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