Your Cosmic Calendar For The Week 2nd July to 8th July 2017

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Western Tropical Planetary Positions


During this hectic period on the career and business front, you will be courageous and dynamic, but do not become impatient and restless, according to the Cosmic Calendar. On the romance front, you  will feel very restless, moody, or defensive and protective. Unnecessary discussions with your mate may take a serious turn, and hence you must be tactful and not use harsh words that may hurt him/her. As per the Cosmic Calendar, you may become aggressive, which is bound to cause problems in your married life, so ensure that when you are dealing with your spouse you keep this aggression at bay. As far as the wealth front is concerned, avoid signing important contracts that may create a financial burden. You will tend to spend more on comfort and luxury. You might want to book profits from your previous investments. For your personalised prospects for the week, Talk to Astrologer.

Career And Business

According to the Cosmic Calendar, you will have courage to pursue your desires and stick to your plans. You should avoid jumping the gun and restlessness. You tend to scatter your energies in too many directions which may cause problems at work. This is going to be an especially busy and hectic period on the career front. With great dynamism and capacity to struggle, you can handle stiff competition in business. Difficulties will be surpassed by your assertiveness and ability to respond, as per the Cosmic Calendar. A short business trip and lot of activity and movement are very likely during this phase. If you have a specific query regarding your business, you could greatly benefit from our personalised service Business Ask A Question.

Love And Sex

You will be governed by your instincts during this period and a sense of insecurity will bother you, according to the Cosmic Calendar. You will be feeling very restless, moody, or defensive and protective during this period. Your impulsive behaviour may stimulate conflict or disputes. Unnecessary discussions with your mate may take a serious shape, and hence you must act with caution.  Your friends or love partner may behave in unusual or unexpected ways, as per the Cosmic Calendar.  Emotional turbulence and hectic life schedule may disturb your sex life. To gain more insights about yourself on this front, get our Birth Chart-based service Your Passion Personality.

Relationships And Compatibility

There might be some inconclusive arguments during the period, according to the Cosmic Calendar. This is a time to reach out to people and to get others' input and suggestions to find viable solutions. You will seek people who can offer you a different way of thinking. If there is a problem on this front which is troubling you, avail our customised service Love Ask A Question.

Marriage And Children

You may become aggressive while pointing out the shortcomings of your spouse and family members which might cause problems in your personal life. You need to curb your tendency to express your dissatisfaction in such aggressive manner to avoid problems. You may have an increased desire to find the root cause of your dissatisfaction and disruptions in relationships which will ultimately help you in developing a stable and meaningful bond. Conflicts over power and dominance may erupt in your married life, as per the Cosmic Calendar. If you wish to know more about your child's future prospects, avail our Natal Chart-based service Your Child’s Astrology Profile.

Personal And Confidential

This period may help you find ways to bring definition to your innermost wishes according to the Cosmic Calendar. An interest in other peoples' secrets may come to the fore. You may be attracted to someone new for novelty and possibilities for excitement. To gain more insights about your personality, avail our Birth Chart-based service Personal Ask 3 Questions.

Wealth And Property-Finance

Avoid signing important deals or contracts that may create an additional financial commitment. You will be more attracted to possessions and things that give you a sense of comfort, social status, or luxury hence you will spend more on such objects. You are likely to create your own financial stress due to extravagant or unnecessary spending, as per the Cosmic Calendar. This is a good time to book profits from your previous investments. For a detailed astrological analysis of your financial prospects, get our customised service Wealth Ask Question: Detailed Advice. 

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