Your Cosmic Calendar For The Week 29th October To 4th November 2017

Your Cosmic Calendar For The Week 29th October to 4th November 2017(Image Source: Internet)

Western Tropical Planetary Positions


According to the Cosmic Calendar, you are likely to face problems while trying to focus on work this week. You will be so overwhelmed with the loads of work that you may fail to take it as a challenge. Businesspersons’ contacts will increase, but the business itself will demand more discipline. Singles are likely to meet someone interesting and may wish to develop a meaningful relationship. Your sexual desire will be strong, but you may not get the right opportunities to indulge in it. In other relationships, some problems may get amplified and demand more attention. Besides, deeply rooted insecurities and lack of commitment may disturb your equations. Your rapport with elders may leave much to be desired as per your Cosmic Calendar astrology. The time is right to book profits from old investments. If you are planning to enter into new deals you would do well to read the fine print first before deciding one way or the other.

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