Your Cosmic Calendar For The Week 24th September To 30th September 2017

Your Cosmic Calendar
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Western Tropical Planetary Positions


This week you shall get suitable opportunities to display your skill sets and prove your worth as per your Cosmic Calendar. Businessmen, too, will get opportunities to put into practice your ideas and make good progress. On the romantic front, you shall intensely feel the desire to love and be loved. If you are already in a relationship, this is an auspicious time to take it to the next level. Indulging in carnal pleasures will raise your spirits, but you must understand its social implications also. Married couples will experience happiness, love and warmth in your conjugal life. On some important issues, you will get the desired support from elder members of your family in accordance with your Cosmic Calendar astrology. Gains through property and past investments are indicated. Money inflow will be satisfactory, and old financial disputes will get solved.

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