Your Cosmic Calendar For The Week 21st May To 27th May 2017

Your Cosmic Calendar For The Week 21st May To 27th May 2017

Western Tropical Planetary Positions

As per the Cosmic Calendar, you may take too much load in your job and try to finish it too fast, a strategy with which your bosses may not agree, but if you keep pegging on, you will emerge successful. Businesspersons, too, will have to work very hard to get success. On the love front, you will feel like confiding all your deepest feelings to your beloved. Such honesty will enhance your sex drive, according to the Cosmic Calendar. This phase is good to strengthen your bonds with your life-partner, especially if you shower them with expensive gifts. In your personal life, you will be bored with your routine, and your romantic personality may surface, as per the Cosmic Calendar. On the financial front, outflow of money will increase, but there is nothing to worry about as your monetary inflow will be enough to take care of it. For greater insights into any walk of life, Give your space a Feng Shui makeover to invite peace and prosperity!

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