Your Cosmic Calendar For The Week 17th September To 23rd September 2017

Your Cosmic Calendar For The Week 17th September to 23rd September 2017
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Western Tropical Planetary Positions


This is an auspicious phase for businessmen to look for new associates as per the Cosmic Calendar. Professionals may get the urge to act impulsively, but it would be unwise and you would do well to hold yourself back, count to ten, and think again before acting rashly. Having too high expectations can cause a lot of disappointment. During this phase, there will be an immense physical attraction and intense love, but if you become over-sensitive or over-emotional, it can ruin all your fun. In your married life, hidden resentments may surface and will likely lead to serious problems. Your interest in psychology, philosophy or others secret sciences will increase and will require you to be very alert according to your Cosmic Calendar astrology. Even on the financial front, you must avoid hasty decisions as they can backfire. Money inflow will be steady, and you may spend on visiting a spa to rejuvenate yourself. Strictly avoid taking loans to simply add to your creature comforts.

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