Your Cosmic Calendar for the week 17th August to 23rd August 2014

Western Tropical Planetary Positions
Overview (Starry Specials)

18th August 2014 – Jupiter Venus degreecal conjunction in Leo
This conjunction indicates stronger desire to connect with the opposite sex. However, this may not necessarily be about lust. And, although the feelings may not be all divine, chances of pure love and affection cannot be ruled out, says Ganesha. Ones involved in sports should also take maximum advantage of this favourable transit, because the Sun is also going to remain in Leo – the Sign of aggression and stamina – for the next five days. It is also a good time to do some creative activity, as Venus is the significator of arts, and it conjuncts with the benign Jupiter that is all set to help you channelise and expand your creative energy into the right direction. Leisure trips planned during this period will be full of joy and relaxation. The first three days of the week shall be more favourable for cutting back the work and relaxing, if you have been seriously planning a fun trip.

25th August 2014 – Saturn Mars degreecal conjunction in Scorpio
This planetary event creates a point of energy conflict in the Sign of Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars! The effects of this conjunction will be experienced more intensely during the next week, even though the foundation for the same shall start building up from this week itself. Things that you may have determined to finish may lose their momentum. Although, there may be a lot of vigour and push to finish off the desired tasks, owing to some or the other reason things may slow down somewhat. The project may move forward at a slower pace, quite unpredictably. This may really irritate many of you, especially if you have many other things going on in your life. Health needs careful monitoring – surgeries are likely under the influence of this planetary transit. Ask Any Questionfor which you want a specific solution from an astrological perspective. Our expert astrologers shall analyse your question on the basis of your Birth Chart and provide you fully personalised solution that is specific to you.

Western Tropical Planetary Positions
Career and Business
Those in job will be busy working on big plans this week, but they will also need to put in concerted action to execute any great plan they may have. Planetary positions during the week are indicating that it would be better to consider all the ground realities before taking things forward in any professional project, warns Ganesha. With the exalted Mercury (Mercury in Virgo) everyone’s logical and analytical abilities shall remain high – which is definitely a plus. This factor can be more useful for professional or business matters. Business looks set to progress well, especially if you have plans with a proper financial backing. This is also a good time to approach financiers or venture capitalists or funding agencies. Get Remedial Solutions for Businessfrom an astrological viewpoint. As this report is based on your Birth Chart, you shall get a 100% personalised report that is specific to you.

Western Tropical Planetary Positions
Love and Dating
Heavens await the true lovers! Jupiter and Venus conjunction in the Zodiac Sign Leo shall prove to be quite lucky for once involved in serious dating and love relationships. If you have been dating more than one person, this is an ideal time to take a consolidated decision about who would be your perfect match. It is also a very good time for proposing marriage, says Ganesha. You will be ready to confide in and shall share your feelings candidly with the person you love the most. It is also a good time to take your boyfriend or girlfriend out to a concert or for a weekend getaway. Things shall get only better from thereon, assures Ganesha. Plan your first date– Get advise from an astrological perspective to plan your dream first date, so that everything may go well with you on your first date! As this report is based on your Natal Chart, it shall be fully customised for you.

Western Tropical Planetary Positions
Relationships and Sex
Most relationships shall remain in a good stead this week, largely because Venus, Mercury, Jupiter etc. are positioned quite well. Saturn and Mars in Scorpio are indicative of some tension, though, which many of you may experience coming from your in-laws’ side. Sexual desires shall be burning in your heart, but you may have to take out some time from your busy routine, if you wish to enjoy this drive to the hilt. Anyway, this week’s overall planetary positions are indicating umpteen sensual pleasures, but the mind between your two ears too will have to be all set for it! You probably wouldn’t want to indulge in new experiments in sex, though. Ganesha feels that this is an opportune week, especially for those couples who are planning to have a baby. Revive the Spark– Acquire solutions from the expert astrologers that is customised for you as it is based on your Natal Chart. You shall get an insight from an astrological standpoint.

Western Tropical Planetary Positions
Marriage and Children
The week looks set to be good for married couples. If your married life has been on the rocks, this week you may get a chance of reconciliation – if that is what you want. Also, you shall be paying full attention to your kids and their demands, this week. You may also realise that your married or family life requires a different, probably a new approach. You may even plan something good for your family, but well within your financial limits. It is an ideal time to add comforts to your home or make your family members feel special for their constant love and support, which they extend to you. In other words, it’s time to either gift something to your partner and/ or children or to make them feel loved. Relationships Ask a Question Detailed– Obtain answers from our expert astrologers that is personalised for you as it is based on your Birth Chart. You shall get an insight from an astrological viewpoint.

Western Tropical Planetary Positions
Personal Life
Ganesha feels that during this week you may find yourself getting confused or being torn between various choices. On one hand, material pleasures/ leisure activities and love shall draw your attention. On the other hand, you shall start taking keen interest in spirituality. You will wish to refine your thoughts and philosophy about everything. Thankfully, this week you will be in your right mind and shall be dealing with the circumstances with a calm mind. Ganesha feels, however, that this process of connecting with your ‘higher self’ may take more time than expected. Plus, for this, you will need to withdraw yourself from whatever may have been bothering you. Identify how many problems are solely yours. This will help you filter out many issues. And, this thinking pattern shall gradually help you reach the path of spirituality. Personal Ask 3 questions – and get answers from our expert astrologers. As this report is based on your Birth Chart, it is completely customised for you. You shall get advise from an astrological standpoint.

Western Tropical Planetary Positions
Wealth, Property, Money and Finance
Finances-wise, the week shall be quite stable and encouraging, feels Ganesha. Many of you may have enough disposable capital at hand, unless you overspend. However, there is a hitch. You may be lured into attractive discounts and schemes, and may plan to go for a shopping spree – without proper planning. This, if it happens, may topple your budget, warns Ganesha. The influence of Venus, Jupiter and Sun in Leo may push or inspire you to spend extravagantly on luxuries and expensive stuff. Be careful and practical, or you may end up rocking your financial boat too much. Acquire Remedial Solution for Wealth – You shall get an insight from an astrological perspective as to how you can increase your wealth. As this report is based on your Natal Chart, it will be fully personalised for you.

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