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Your Cosmic Calendar for the week 10th August to 16th August 2014

Your Cosmic Calendar for the week 10th August to 16th August 2014

Western Tropical Planetary Positions
Overview (Starry Specials)
Super Stellium of Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in Leo
12th to 16th August 2014

Ego levels need to be watched during this period says Ganesha. Everyone will have to try and control ‘superiority complex’ during this period. The ‘I’ that is always capital will be performing at the forefront while this super-stellium operates in Leo. Ganesha feels that this is going to be a wonderful planetary position for sportsmen and artists. They will be able to perform very well, however because Leo is a fiery Sign, they will have to control aggression.12th August 2014

Venus’ entry in Leo is going to remain positive for those willing to propose someone. Nevertheless, aggressive approach or tight follow-up is going to bother the partner for sure, so better beware! Love cannot happen by force, it can only happen naturally so do not try to convince the person you love the most unless you feel that the person at the other end is showing some interest at least. Besides this, it indicates leisure activities and pleasure trips. Do you want guidance or any help? The best thing is to directly talk to an astrologer, who will analyse, interpret and provide solution instantly to you.

Good time for the writers. At the same time, it will be a waste of this favourable transit if you use your logic behind chasing topics which are of no use or you end up arguing with others (in day to day interactions) for no reason. Ganesha strongly feels that this week is going to be hectic for those who are in a job that involves travelling. Extensive travelling may bother a bit but will be fruitful that’s for sure. Mercury in Virgo will be good for ‘knowledge oriented people’. During this week you will be able to accumulate more knowledge about your subject of interest.

Throughout the week, work is going to keep you busy. Though you may be in a mood to enjoy the ‘stroke of luck’, Ganesha feels that during this week you will remain busy to finish off your pending tasks and new tasks will be waiting for you. The week is active for team work and team performance will have to be watched. Your team spirit would be high but almost every individual will be operating at slightly higher level of ‘ego’ this week, so see to it that you don’t hurt the ego of anyone during this week. As far as business is concerned, this is the time to advertise and en-cash. This is the time to earn though alliances and partnerships. Are you frustrated due to your slow career advancement? Get Remedial Solutions for Career now – this report will be based on your unique Natal Chart, and so you will get a fully personalised solution from an astrological perspective.

Perfect time to date, says Ganesha. During this week you can fix one or more dates because planetary transits are in favour. As per western astrology system, planetary Stellium happening in Leo Sign indicates that this is the right time to love and to ‘be loved’ by someone. Rather than expressing yourself physically, with Mercury in Virgo and Sun-Venus in Leo, Ganesha suggests you to present yourself more dramatically in front of your beloved. That will surely create an impact, says Ganesha. Want help to propose the love of your life? Love Ask A Question – Detailed Advice, you will get an answer based on your unique Birth Chart, and so it will be a fully personalised advise from an astrological perspective.

As per Ganesha’s view, this week is going to be good for sorting out issues with the family members including parents and life partner. Relationships can reach a better level of understanding with Venus’ entry in Leo. Unstable relationships will now enter the phase of stability, provided the temper is kept in control. Actually, this anger/aggression can easily get converted into sexual energy. Remember one thing that you will be able to enjoy sex only if you are in good health and humour so ensure that your energy levels are up, energies are not scattered and when you are in intimate moments, you remain totally focussed. Need assistance to improve your relationship? Are your carnal desires unfulfilled? Why wait, action now! Sex Ask a Question Detailed, you will get precise solutions from an astrological standpoint, which will be 100% personalised as it is completely based on your unique Birth Chart.

Couples having children will be focussing almost on their responsibilities towards kids because Venus is about to enter Leo where three planets are already positioned. Meaning, energy will be focussed on kids and related matters. Do you want to become a better parent? Get Parenting Profile right away! Our expert astrologer will go through your Horoscope details, and will present to you unique insights which will help you to become a better parent. As far as married life goes, minor ups and downs are likely to be there but there is very high probability of you taking a short vacation trip during this week. How about a leisure trip? This week will surely help you to cut off from the routine provided you plan it well. Many planets in fixed Signs are indicating that last moment decisions won’t work in your favour, instead you should be proactive and plan things well in advance if you are really thinking to go on a trip.

During this week your personal life is going to remain good because you will now be more determined about your goals. You will be able to plan things well. Personal projects related to music, sports etc. should go well under the influence of planetary Stellium in Leo. Those planning to appear in competitive exams will have to work harder during the week, says Ganesha. This is the right time to commercialize anything that you were doing ‘just like that’. In short, the week looks progressive for the people with progressive bent of mind. Get your Horoscope analysed to the core! It will bring forth stunning revelations about you and your future and will help you to identify your major strengths, which will help you to decide accordingly for the future course of action.

Goddess of money will be showering her blessings on you during this week. There are all chances of you spending money on a long distance trip to an island (any remote place). Money does matter but pleasure you derive out of the same matters a lot more. You will be spending on things that you always wanted in life. On the other hand, flow of income is likely to remain more stable this week as compared to other weeks. However, this would equally depend on the factor whether you are in job or business. On the whole, this week is very good for fiscal matters, as per Ganesha’s view. Are your plans for wealth creation not working as expected and you’re frustrated about it? Wealth Ask a Question Detailed, you will get guidance from an astrological standpoint and it will be 100% personalised as it would be totally based on your exclusive Natal Chart.

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