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Gemini – Flash your Fortune Colours this Festive Season…

Gemini – Flash your Fortune Colours this Festive Season…

For Gemini (the Twins)
Best Colours

  • The best colours for the Mercury ruled, versatile and communicative Geminis include various hues of sunshiny, friendly yellows, often verging towards light and lime greens.
  • Also, since most Geminis tend to hop between contrasting ideas and mindsets, they have the whole spectrum of a rainbow to them. So, they are able to carry a whole lot of colours and styles pretty easily.
  • Pleasant and cheerful hues like some forms of purple, pinks and greens are also good for the Twins’ disposition.


  • Yellows provide the much needed intellectual stimulation to the always active Twins.
  • Yellows and Greens also go well with the friendly and cheery demeanour of most Gemini natives, helping them catch attention of others which is a must, since Geminis love connecting and communicating.
  • Geminis can be abstract and modern in their tastes, so colours like electric blues and laser yellows suit them and their airy, intellectual minds.

Special Tips

  • Even though, yellows and lighter greens tend to be Gemini’s fortune colours, the Twins would do well to stay away from too much brightness while styling their colours.
  • Too much yellow can send an already hyperactive Gemini into hyperscpace.
  • Yellow is the colour signifying the Sun/ Solar Chakra or the Solar plexus Chakra, which also signifies ego. Too much of yellow can make a self loving Gemini act very selfishly.
  • Deep red and black are best avoided by Geminis.

Festive Tips

  • Most Geminis have a special preference for the lighter/ lime greens and you will see them turning up in any of the related hues on a special occasion.
  • While dressing up formally, the Twins may make use of yellow accessories or yellow accents like a neck tie, a duppata, maybe a separate, rather than dressing head to toe in yellow.
  • Women may try combining their two fortune colours yellow and green with gentler purples to create a magnetic look for example a lime green saree with purple border may be worn with a golden yellow cholee (blouse).
  • Multi-coloured trend can be carried very well by Geminis just remember to keep the hues subdued, with prominence of the green family (rather than the yellow or pink family).
  • Men can don a pale yellow or subtle green kurta, and combine it with a golden stole and an off-white churidar.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team