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Aries – 6 Colourful Ways to Jazz up your Festive Season!

Aries – 6 Colourful Ways to Jazz up your Festive Season!


  • Ruled by the fiery Red planet Mars, Aries individuals are at their happiest best, when dressed in any of the myriad hues of the reds family.
  • Purples, in their range of lavenders to deep aubergines, too are quite useful for the Rams.

Benefits –

  • Reds lend a special warmth and glow.
  • Bold colours of red and deep purples go well with the energetic and brazen Aries personality. Spiritually, the colour red is associated with perseverance a quality that is much wanted in the hasty and ruthless Aries individuals.
  • Reds are known to promote vitality, good health, courageousness and enthusiasm.
  • The colour purple blends the force of the reds with the calmness of the blues. Thus, it tames the wilder excesses of the Aries.

Special Tips

  • Aries should not overdo the reds. They may diffuse the undeniable strength of their fortune colour by mixing and matching the milder tints of reds with softer colours like whites, off-whites, beiges etc.
  • The lighter hues of purple, like mauve, when combined with a deeper red or purple can give Aries a lot of power.

Festive Tips

  1. Try a deep red or coral and white combination to liven up the entire festive look. The hot jewel tone of scarlet, however, may be kept lesser in expanse.
  2. Aries girls may try a deep garnet coloured choli with a white saree/ ghagra (with garnet border) to liven up a Navratri pandal!
  3. Aries men – consider donning a silk kurta in deep violet with a pale reddish stole to light up the fluttering hearts.
  4. If dressing in Western outfits, red dresses with hints of white/ off white are best for girls, while men may consider lavender shirts with a pale suit. Do not forget to keep a deep red handkerchief, slightly peeking out, in your shirt pocket.
  5. White, pristine shirt, grey trousers and a deep red neck-tie is another classic combination Aries men can try.
  6. If you find your lucky colour red a bit too much, use it in your accessories gold cuff-links with a hint of red, maroon silk tie, red scarves/ stoles, red purses/ handbags/ clutches, blood-coloured pumps all shall help you introduce red, without going overboard.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team