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Cola Controversy – An Astro Analysis

Cola Controversy – An Astro Analysis

The Issue
Pesticide levels have been found in Coca Cola and Pepsi bottles and as in the past legal action has been initiated on both the cola majors in India. Astrologically, Venus is
the planet pertaining to luxuries and enjoyment which includes cold drinks. Venus is important since it also represents the brand image of a company dealing in foods and beverages.

Limited data is available about the origin of Pepsi and Coke, especially when it comes to dates. The GaneshaSpeaks team has considered the date Pepsi was trademarked (16/6/1903) and coke was sold in bottles(8/5/1886) and some
other data to analyze this issue.

Why did this happen ?
Currently, Venus is under malefic influence in the horoscopes of Pepsi and coke since 18/7/2006. This indicates the beginning of problems for both the cola majors. As said
above, Venus also stands for the brand image and hence that too has been affected. If the Indian horoscope is considered, India is under influence of the Taurus Ascendant which is again ruled by Venus and hence this controversy has happened in India.

What Next ?
Astrologically, the first half of August, 2006 is not favorable for the Government, in general. The situation is likely to improve after 14th of August, 2006, in favour of the cola companies. The period till 18th of august is however precarious.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,