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Clean The Clutter To Make Way For Love

Clean The Clutter To Make Way For Love

Clean The Clutter To Make Way For Love

Your life is significantly influenced by the presence of waste articles in the areas of your house which are associated with love. It depicts choked energy which has been prevented from flowing freely due to the presence of clutter. According to Feng Shui three regions in your home strongly impact your love life. They are the space around your front door, the relationship area (you will soon discover its address in this article) and your love room that is your bed room.

The Space around the Front Door:
The major area which has a sway over your love life is the space around your front door. In Feng Shui the main door is called the ‘Mouth of Chi’ as it strongly influences the flow of Chi into your house. If the front door is filled with clutter or used very rarely then it blocks the Chi from flowing freely. Make sure that your front door opens fully and no clutter stored behind it prevents it from opening fully. Your main hall is the place where you link with the external world so it should always be neat and welcoming. Also check that the main hall in which the front door opens is not filled with unnecessary stuff.

If the front door is kept free from waste and clutter then you will find that chances to meet a new person will come your way. It is because the front door is related to opportunities. Start using the front door frequently and you will find the magic of flowing energy working for you. Even if you are not trying to meet anyone new and are already hooked, the front door can have significant influence over your life. Boredom may creep in if you do not remove the clutter from your front door. A romance hungry relationship can be gratified with romance by opening the front door fully and welcoming new energy.

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The Relationship Area:
To get the address of your relationship area in your home look around the South West region of your house and in the South West part of your bedroom. After doing this check the room or rooms which lie in the right-rear corner of your house and then see at the far right corner of your bedroom. Yes this is your relationship area which if left unattended or is disarranged can make romance divorce your relationship. You will have feelings of indecision, depression and laziness if this area is cluttered. Your creativity will get chained. So do not wait till the worse happens. Go and find out the relationship area and give it all your attention.

The Bedroom:
If things remain disorganized in your bedroom then it is possible that your partner and also you may remain exhausted most of the time. Bedroom is linked with the intimacy of a love relationship. If you do not keep it clean then you will feel that you are getting churlish and loosing focus and even sleep may run away from you. If you are single do not think that clutter deserves a place in your bedroom. Because, it will not allow you to begin a new relationship. Free the struck energy and let it move freely by making your bedroom more organized, neat, clean and clutter free.

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Making your room clutter free will result in a new person entering your life. It will blossom your life as a new relationship has begun. Your energy will reach peaks, you will get into the right mood and you will magnetize others if you clear the mess from your bedroom. By cleaning the key spaces of your bedroom you can create an emotional space which will pave the way for greater clarity about the issues and behavior patterns that encourage problems in your partnership. This clear vision will help you take wise decisions and actions.

Thus, cleaning up the clutter can not only help in improving the existing troubled relationships but it can also help single ones to blossom new relationships in life.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team